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Noah’s Flood: What REALLY Happened? Part 2

Wed, Mar. 14, 2012 Posted: 11:24 AM

             The Location of Noah's Flood

5200 years ago something monumental happened to planet earth that changed climate and mankind forever. That event, I strongly believe, was also responsible for
the great flood in the book of Genesis.

Does this mean that I think God was not responsible? NO.

I believe that all things under Heaven are the work of God, and that He uses any means necessary, including using natural forces, to accomplish His purpose.

If I say, a comet struck the earth and caused the flood, does that mean I do
not believe God moved the comet to cause the disaster. No.

That is just as logical as saying that God did it instantly with a great miracle. The
entire universe is a miracle and under His authority, and it has never made
sense that God would break the very physical laws He created when He can accomplish the same goal through natural means.

But how did this disaster take place?

In the 1990's, two geologists from Princeton University, William Ryan and Walter Pitman, were doing research on the floor of the Black Sea when they saw something that they couldn't explain. They saw "shore lines" on the bottom of the sea, indicating that at some time past there was a lake at that level surrounded by "dry land". Core
drillings confirmed that 6000 - 8000 years ago all the fossils consisted of
fresh water life, and that there was an event that changed it to marine life of
the salt-water variety, almost overnight.

Where did it come from and why?

The only logical explanation lay at the only physical inlet to the basin, the Bosporus Strait.

In the past, this had been a solid neck of land that separated the waters of the Mediterranean from the basin they were studying, and somehow it gave way. The Mediterranean Sea flowed into the basin with a force of 200 Niagara Falls.

They wrote a book entitled "Noah's Flood" in 1997 and offered evidence that this event was the source of the flood stories in the book of Genesis and the Sumerian "flood epics".

There was a problem. The Black Sea Basin is very large with 60,000 square miles, and the flow of water into it would not be fast enough to happen in the time given in

That kind of event would not be the "deluge" described in the Bible.

Ryan and Pitman's explanation for the "Flood of Noah" was inadequate to describe the cataclysm described in the Bible.

Their book at first seemed to be the perfect explanation for the flood of Noah.

It was in the right place. The location of Eden and the "Garden of Eden" has always been thought to be in this region. It offered the ideal environment for the first settlements of man, around a fresh water lake with good soil for farming. The Bible says that Noah was carried by the flood into the mountains of Ararat, and the area we are describing is directly west of this location. The amount of water necessary for
a flood this large was not far away in the Mediterranean.

There are many details of the flood narrative that would not have happened if the flooding of the Black Sea Basin took place slowly over an extended period of time.
What about the torrential rain that was associated with the flood?

Questions remained. What caused the Bosporus Strait to break in the first place, and could there be another source of water that flooded the basin? Could there be another
explanation that would allow for an "instantaneous" flood?

There must be another cause, one that could explain the descriptions given in the Bible and Sumerian epics, as well as around the world.

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Allen J. Epling