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“Old Men Will Dream Dreams”

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I wrote an article on heaven some time back and since then I have had many thoughts about it. I always was a daydreamer in my youth, thinking about being the first person to set foot on the moon, being an astronomer with my own observatory, and such fantasies.

I recently read an article about multiple universes in which the author hypothesized that perhaps we can live out our fantasies by jumping into parallel universes in which all our fantasies have come true. I thought, “What if there is a parallel universe in which I made all the right decisions that led to my actually being the first astronaut on the moon”. Could this be the “reward” Jesus spoke of in Heaven?

It occurred to me that it would be the wonderful if we could somehow jump back into this life at any point we desire and have it take a different path that would lead to those fantasies coming true. There are so many possibilities, I don’t think I could ever exhaust them all.

In a recent conversation with my son, he said out of the blue, “Who do you think is happier, rich people or poor”? I thought about it and said, “On the average, I think poor people are happier because they are constantly meeting and overcoming challenges, where the rich have few challenges”. He said, “I think you are right”.

If you think about it, who has more dreams about how their life could be better, or what they would like to do with their life, rich people or poor? When Jesus was here, whom did he associate with and preach to most? The poor and low in spirit. He pointed to the Pharisees on the corners preaching and extolling their virtues, and said of them, “They have received their reward already”. They had already achieved their dreams.

The richest people on the planet may be the ones who have dreams and expect them to come true, They are the ones who are challenged the most, and are constantly looking for new challenges. What if that is what Heaven is about? If it is then the ones who will enjoy Heaven the most will be those who have the most dreams and fantasies. Those who receive everything they want in this life will have no dreams to fulfill in the next.

There is certainly needless suffering and poverty in our society, and we should all feel responsible for making life better for many around us, but those who work and overcome adversity are on the average much happier than those born with a “silver spoon”. They learn values and lessons impossible to learn when you have everything handed to you. They are laying up “rewards” in Heaven.

Are there “other” universes where you exist in a different setting and maybe became something that you dream of becoming in this life? Science is saying that is more true every day. Perhaps Heaven is more than I CAN imagine but for the time being I like to fantasize about how it would be if I could live out all of my fantasies.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of God”. He also said “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you”.

The book of Acts: 2:17 says ”… your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream DREAMS”.

I must be getting old. I’ve been doing a lot of dreaming lately.

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