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Quantum Entanglement: A 'Type' of "The God Connection"?

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When God created the universe and the laws of physics, did He leave a 'connection' with all particles and forces within it?

 Biblical scholars and theologians are fond of studying events in the old testament that they call "types and shadows'.  These are events that are similar to, and are prophetic of, other events to follow at a later time. Joseph in Egypt was a 'type' of Jesus in saving his family and the world from the famine of that time.  Moses led the children of Israel out of bondage to the promised land, another 'type' of Jesus.

A definition of "types" and "shadows" is:

 "A reflection, a phantom, a silhouette" (Barclay p. 88).  "A glimpse and shadow" (Rhm); "A mere outline and shadow" (Mof); "Only a pattern or reproduction" (Phi).  ...  "It may be fairly well detailed, but it is not the original" (Reese p. 127).  "Many of the Old Testament institutions were 'types" or 'previews of coming attractions'" (p. 127).

 It seems there are themes and 'designs' in science that seem to repeat and recur in nature. Scientists and theologians have long wondered about the 'dualism' in particles and forces in the universe, nature, and morality. For example, matter and antimatter, positive and negative charges, male, female, good and evil, etc.

 When atomic theory became the dominate theory of matter around the turn of the last century, the model of Neils Bohr, of hard round particles orbiting the atomic nucleus, was compared to the planetary system of our sun. The same theme is recurrent in galactic structure and the orbits of stars, star clusters, and gasses. It seemed that a basic structure was promulgated from the very smallest objects to the very largest.

 We have since seen that the atom is much more complicated and that the objects orbiting the nucleus are not 'hard' and definite, but are both particle and wave in their structure. The nucleus itself is very complex and the once hard objects that we call neutrons, and protons are actually made up of 'quarks' and other nebulous subatomic particles.

 In religion we have a belief that in order to communicate with God, a person enters into a state of consciousness that we call prayer. Through  prayer, a spiritual connection is made to God and He hears our thoughts and we receive assurance that He acknowledges our wishes. Is there a similar "type" in the physical world for that connection?

 The idea in quantum entanglement is that every particle in a particle-antiparticle pair is in instant communication with the other particle, regardless of how far apart they are. 

It is a phenomenon that was experimentally proven, just recently, by scientists in Geneva Switzerland, in 2008.

 In this experiment a single particle - antiparticle pair was sent streaming away from the source in opposite directions, and they were detected when they were about 20 miles away from each other. The 'entanglement'  phenomenon was proven when a 'detection' of one particle instantly produced an identical change in the other particle.

This 'instantaneous' transmission of information defies Einstein's theory of relativity and the speed of light. A calculation was made that determined that the speed of this experiment was at least 10,000 times the speed of light and perhaps was instantaneous.

 The size of the particles of this discussion are at the subatomic level, far below 'microscope' level. Some scientists think that at this level, there is a universal 'connection' that transcends space/time and allows  all particles to be 'in contact' with every other particle in the universe in a way that we have yet to understand. Below the 'quantum' or Planck level, the definitions of space and time become obscure and tend to blur.

 If all particles are somehow connected below the Planck level, it would seem to say that we all have a universal connection to each other and perhaps that is the medium through which prayer is channeled.

That much is pure speculation, but if God created all the physical laws and the universe in such a way that He is never out of touch both  spiritually and physically, and is omnipresent everywhere at once, it confirms what Christians and Jews have always said about his presence and the ease with which we are in touch with Him. Jesus said "The kingdom of Heaven is within you."

It means that He knows every thought, every event, and everything that happens in the universe. It also says that no matter how far you travel, or how much you transgress His will,  He is always near.

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