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The Signature of God: Part 2, Taking the Mark

Tue, Jul. 10, 2012 Posted: 11:52 AM

Replacing with a “Mark”

Did God leave a “signature” in Adam’s DNA when He created him in the Garden?

We are just beginning to understand how DNA works and what is does. We know that our DNA determines everything about who we are. We are also discovering that longevity is also linked to DNA. 50 years ago, many scoffed at the idea that individuals lived for 900+ years in the book of Genesis. It is now proven that life can be extended through genetic manipulation.

The “Rapture” is an event that is puzzling concerning why it is prophesied and even necessary. Why would God do something so drastic as to remove His people from the Earth entirely? Some think it is because of the “Tribulation” being so horrible. Christians have lived through some horrible times in the past and God did not intervene. There must be some more specific and threatening reason.

What would be threatening to God Himself?

Maybe losing ownership of all of mankind?

If we somehow discovered that life could be extended indefinitely through genetic manipulation of our DNA what would be the consequences? I’m sure the government would be in control of the release of such information and how to apply it. Allowing individuals to live longer would also mean that resources may have to be rationed, but of more importance to the government would be the ability to pay taxes for a much more productive and longer lifespan.

What would be your reaction to an offer to change your DNA through a very simple procedure that would allow you to live for 200 or more years? Would you turn down such an offer? What if it meant that you would, for the benefit of the government, be tagged with a “mark”, for ID purposes, to differentiate between those who have had the procedure from those who have not. If it also carried with it the ability to use that ID for trading purposes, would you still refuse?

Who could refuse such an offer?

In the old west, when cattle herds were grouped together for grazing, cattle ranchers were constantly on the alert to “rustlers” who would change the brands on cattle. When that happened, it would be almost impossible to determine which cattle belonged to whom.

If God did embed His signature in our DNA, in a place we would not likely find, it would signify ownership and declare that all who had it, also had the right of inheritance to His Kingdom. We could choose to ignore that right, but as John said in Ch.1 verse 12 “Yet to all that received Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become Sons of God”.

Any procedure that allowed someone to remove God’s “brand” would have to be voluntary. It would be a “choice” that you longer wished to belong to God. By offering “life” extended, the person or organization that made the offer would be mimicking Christ in offering “life” to all that accepted it. This would be the “Anti-Christ”.

To allow someone to change or manipulate your DNA for the purpose of granting an extended lifespan, would also be allowing them the right to change anything else that they wished with your DNA. That is why “taking the Mark” is such an event that it could not be revoked or taken back. You would no longer be the same person and you would no longer have any rights to God’s promises.

Who would refuse such an offer? Would you?

What I have suggested above may, or may not come to pass, but I predict that within 15 years, maybe sooner, we will have that ability.

Will it happen that way? Maybe not, BUT...

It is possible.

Allen J. Epling