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The Signature of God: Part I

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 Most Christians believe that the book of Genesis describes the creation as one event. I am different. I believe that because chapters one and two of Genesis describe the creation twice, it is literally describing two separate events.

The first happened at the beginning, what scientists call the “Big Bang”, and the second was another event that happened 6000 years ago when God came back to planet Earth and began creating certain animals, fruit trees, and vegetables to help humankind progress toward civilization. His most important creation however was Adam.

Adam was created from the “dust of the ground”, not from any other existing creation and his DNA was unique from any other creature.

It makes sense to me that if God made Adam the pinnacle of all His creations that He would have “stamped” this creation with His signature. If He did, where would he have placed it?

It would probably be a place where it would not be seen until it was time to identify “man” as His personal property and as belonging to Him. Adam’s DNA.

We are just now beginning to understand how DNA works. It is a computer code that determines everything about a species of animal, including the color of its eyes, how large it is, and even the type of species it is. It has only been within the last 20 years that man has been able to identify each of the 20,000 + “genes” of the genetic code encrypted into each strand of DNA. We are still a long way from determining what each of the four substances that make up the entire strand of DNA, actually does.

There has been some progress in finding genes in the strand that control certain traits and many biologists are excited that we are becoming more capable each day of manipulating the “genetic code” to change some traits that have been identified as defective. This “manipulation” of DNA worries me.

We know that most of the DNA strand is responsible for determining and controlling our makeup, but there is a section that is still a puzzle. This section is called “junk DNA” only because we can find no purpose for it.

We have determined that our bodies age due to a breakdown of our cells which is controlled by the DNA in each cell. We have found that as each cell divides and replicates, the DNA is copied over and over many times. Like a recording tape that is copied repeatedly, the more times it is copied the more “imperfect” it becomes. It is now known that each time a cell divides, a tiny portion of DNA, the part at the end of the strand called “junk DNA”, breaks off and is destroyed. When all of the junk DNA is gone, then we start to see real damage to cell structure.

I proposed 8 years ago in a book that I wrote, that when God created Adam’s DNA, like every great painter or sculptor, He probably signed His work with His signature. The most logical place for this would be in the DNA He created for Adam. Logically, it would be in a place where it would not affect the function of the DNA, the “Junk” section. I also predicted that someday when we fully understand the function of DNA we might discover this “signature of God”.

I was a little surprised this past week to see on a TV program on “ancient aliens”, that a group is actually searching human DNA for such a “message” that may exist in the “junk” section.

What would be the impact if someone found encoded in everyone’s DNA a message that said “Made by, and property of, Yahweh”.

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