Creation, Evolution, and Genesis
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The Three Faces of God

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Of all the topics of the Bible, the Trinity of God is probably the least understood and the most mysterious concept of all. Most students of the bible, theologians included, find it hard to conceptualize God as three unique people, yet one entity. There is a way to explain it in understandable terms through, of all things, science and mathematics.

String theory is an idea in quantum physics that predicts that there are many universes, of which our own is one, each made up of different numbers and varieties of dimensions. Our universe has only 3 spatial dimensions and one time dimension.

M-theory, a special form of “string theory”, predicts that there are 11 dimensions in all, that make up the complete “multi-verse”. We inhabit a universe that consists of only 3 physical dimensions plus time, of those 11.  Since we only see three of those dimensions, length, width, and height, we have to ask where are the other dimensions. We experience time only because we move through it, but can’t see it.

As the creator of all of the “multiverse”, God would be able to interact in any universe, ours included, but only within the number of physical dimensions present. This is not a restriction on God, but on us, and the universe we live in. For God to enter the universe that He created He would have to take on the characteristics of whatever dimensions are present in that universe. It would be like a 3 dimensional painter trying to enter his two dimensional painting.

So how can God be in three different forms, yet exist as a whole of the three at once?

Imagine a cube which has 3 dimensions. It has 6 sides. We only see one side at a time, if it is turned squarely toward us. If we turn the cube to see another side opposite the first, the first side disappears from our sight. This happens because we are looking at a 3 dimensional object with 2 dimensional sight. If we could really see in 3 dimensions, we would have x-ray vision and see all of the cube at once. We are seeing a 3 dimensional object, 2 dimensions at a time.

This 3 dimensional analogy is a simplified explanation of what God does in 11 dimensions.

When God, came to earth, it had to be as a 3 dimensional Jesus for us to see Him. When He returned as the “Holy Spirit”, it was as another “side of the cube”, with other dimensions that we can’t see. But for that to happen, the “first side of the cube” had to turn away.

Jesus said  in John 16:7, “If I go not away, the Comforter (Holy Spirit) will not come unto you.”

Like the cube, we are trying to see God, 3 dimensions at a time. He was able to make Himself visible to us by showing a “side” of Himself that is only 3 dimensional, through Jesus. After Jesus left, another “side” of Him remained in our restricted world as the Holy Spirit, which we can’t see but can still interact with.

We can’t see the whole “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” in one view, just as we can’t see all 6 sides of a cube in one view. Yet the cube is still just one object. In spite of this, He still made it possible for us to see and understand Him through Jesus.

From this, we see that the Trinity consists of,

1. “God the Father”, The whole of God

2. Jesus, the three dimensional form that He took to interact with us.

3. The Holy Spirit, another “multi-dimensional” form that we can’t see, but can “sense”, through His interaction in our lives.

For someone so great to go to such lengths to get down to our level is proof of the concern and love of God, for man.

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