Creation, Evolution, and Genesis
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What Is "REAL"?

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I once heard a philosopher say,

"The only things that are real are those things that do not change and are eternal". I used to know what "real" meant. It was all that I can see, touch, smell, taste, and hear. Life was simple then.

I read in newspapers and science journals now that "reality" is an illusion. One article even said nothing is real, and that everything we see and experience is a hologram at the edge of the "real" universe, which is actually a black hole.

I find myself searching for reality every time I watch the news on TV. Things that I used to think were true are no longer true, according to news commentators. Religion is no longer the foundation of our country and our beliefs. God is a fantasy, according to
prominent scientists, and the universe really did come into existence without any help or cause. And it is more important to be "politically correct" than to be factually correct or right. You are no longer allowed to speak the "truth" because there are "many truths" and your version may offend someone.

If all of this is making you confused, welcome to the club.

What are some things that do not change?

The elements don't change, or do they? A carbon atom is always a carbon atom, and an oxygen atom is forever an oxygen atom. By this definition, a car isn't real because it is constantly changing. It rusts, is recycled, and may eventually become a bridge.

I used to think ideas were real because they often seemed eternal, but those too are changing as our society changes.

Scientists say that reality is really much weirder than we ever imagined, and that we don't really know what is real at the quantum level. According to this, the very things that used to seem so solid, only exist because some formula in quantum mechanics says that they have a high probability of existing, but that could change. Men could
walk through walls if the conditions were exactly right for that to happen. By that token, even the miracles that Jesus performed are no longer impossible within the realm of science.

With the world getting more "unreal" every day, where do we find reality?

Maybe the philosopher was right. Everything that we sense about us is changing and by that definition is not real. Maybe the only real things are abstract concepts that ARE eternal and never change. Ideas like "truth", "love", "God", "our existence", "life", "awareness", "eternity". Truth is real because no matter what argument you take concerning it, the truth will always be "true". It is one thing that is eternal. In spite of all their efforts to refute God on physical grounds, scientists move ever closer to proving that spiritual values are more "real" than physical objects.

There are other realities that exist only in the mind of man. One of those  is mathematics. Two plus two will always be equal to four, (I hope). Maybe that is why I have recently been re-learning some of my mathematics skills I learned a long time ago and forgot. I can always count on mathematics to be exact and "real". It helps to retreat
from the world's version of reality now and then.

In the end, it may turn out that the only entity that is "real" is intelligence,
and everything else is simply a concept within that realm.

There is one place that I can find truth whenever the "UNREALITY" of the world overwhelms me, and that is in God's Word. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life". I trust His word to point the way to truth, which is what defines "reality" to me. "The way", "Truth", and "Life" are very real entities to me. No matter how much "political correctness" may distort or hide the truth, we can always find truth in the Bible.

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