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A Bridge Burned, is an Escape Route Destroyed!

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Merrill and I were sitting in our office yesterday, just minding our own business, when a very powerful man walked in the door. I’m kinda a big deal in this town and he made ME feel small….LOL, I know all the movers and shakers….. I mean, I KNEW who this gentlemen was, AND I also KNOW that most of the famous in this town want to just be left alone, to wallow in their fame, but he was a nice guy, he was in public….and I had a question. … Hey, if you’re out in public, you’re fair game…that’s what I always say, and besides, I needed to know if there was any truth to the rumor that the Globetrotters were coming back in January….He was the man to answer that question.
First, the Globetrotters ARE coming back in January…that’s good to know. People (I do it too) become very leery when you call them by their given name. For example, here is one of Danville’s most Famous, and I just said, “Hey (so and so), Globetrotters coming back?”. Actually, it was a tad bit more polite than that, but it does lend some credence on what NOT to do in Danville, if one wants to further their career. Danville is a very small town relative to Chicago….LOL….relative to Champaign. We, in this small metropolis, are never more than three people away from either being related, or related. For example, if I wanted to have an affair in this town, I couldn’t because Merrill is KIN to everyone….so….I digress…quite a bit actually….my point is that in this small community one will eventually have an opportunity to meet and greet everyone; which will give one an opportunity make an impression…..good or bad….but whichever impression you chose to make, remember two truths.
1. One NEVER get a second chance to make a 1st impression.
2. Word travels fast in this town…just be prepared to live with the consequences of “your” choices.
The Executive Director of the Civic Center, unless you’re “ too big… to say… no to” (which I will be one day) gets to pick and chose the acts that go before the Arena. I question his decision to bring in Slaughter (Slaughter?), but loved his decision to bring in Chesney….The ultimate point is that HE GETS TO CHOSE, so if you’re going to be an act….a small act….and you want to be a complete jackwagon…..just know….you won’t be back, and in this business, YOU are going to need all the friends you can get. That’s why my Publicist is one of the most famous people in Danville…people like her, she hasn’t made anyone mad (that I know of), and she has a quality that I do not. Truth be told, if one were to get on the wrong side of someone in Danville, not only is the whole community going to know about it, but the community next to it will know, and the community next to that one will know too!….The Elvis Impersonator made the distinction of being the worse JERK in memory, and he will NEVER come back…EVER….Remember friends, a bridge burned is an escape route destroyed......unless you don’t care, then do whatever makes you happy ☺ Okay, gotta go….Kiddie Pool this morning, the water is cold and my Patience is too. I wonder if, down the road, I’ll need her, to further my career….better think on that….before I open my mouth. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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