Daily Affirmations
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All Good Things

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I wasn't very good at it in High School

I took an online math test last night while the Bears were playing in their Monday Night Splendor and the kiddo's were destroying the place. Sitting on the couch, I began what would become the longest experience of my life. I've had three babies via C-section, I've had an emergency appendectomy, 4 wisdom teeth crunched, broken and pulled out of my head, sans anesthesia with stitches, I have a herniated disc on my L4, AND never EVER have I experienced a more painful process than last nights test....but that's because it was the wrong test. We haven't discussed any of that mess in class....I got a B.....

We are our own worst enemies. The Self-fulling Prophecy mandates that we become what we think ourselves to be. If you believe yourself to be stupid, you will be stupid. The only ugly beings are the ones who've convinced themselves they're ugly. Why on earth would anyone look up to someone who doesn't look up to herself? Yes, I am being hard and judgmental because for the longest time, I was that person. I had truly convinced myself that in all things math, (and earlier Science) I was going to fail....but the strangest thing happened, I actually understood it, and now I carry an "A" in Algebraic Applications. The biggest failure we experience as the individual is we don't accept that maybe we just aren't ready for certain experiences. From SEX to Math and Addictions to Exercise, all things happen (just like God) when the individual is ready to experience THE EXPERIENCE. What we cannot do is judge ourselves too harshly, we simply may not be ready....and that's okay.

Math to me is easy because as a Mommy, I do nothing but shop for specials, %'s off, exchange goods for services....the experience predates the understanding. If something doesn't come to you right away (like the Biblical Eureka), don't give up. Chances are you just aren't ready yet, but whatever you do, don't judge yourself and don't quit...all good things comes to those who wait and persevere. After all, we don't judge a child for crawling, before she can walk. Everything good thing happens in its own time, and I swear to all things Chanel I am walking proof of that. Got A's and B's in Science, and passing Algebra very well....soooo. Okay, gotta go. I must take the REAL test...and I'm a little nervous..after all...I'm not that good in Math ;)......Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.

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