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Veronica Philips

I am a wife, mother, small business owner, annoyer of all things hubby, and occasionally I write. This is me, my life, my all. You get to see all my epic failures as I navigate my way to fame, though

Posted 11/3/15 at 10:03 AM | Veronica Philips

The Emmas Fog

The Emmas Fog. I've Been There.
There's an orange glow over the picked through fields this morning as the sun begins her morning rise over Illinois. It's going to be in the 70's today, and it's November 3rd. Part of me feel like somehow we're being screwed out of our seasonal experience, while the other half tells me to shut-up, we'll get our Winter soon enough. Today is going to be a "blessing day" which I always define a day that's warm and nice in spite of the date. The morning fog is just starting to clear up as it dissipates over the abandoned back roads of our county. It almost looks like one could walk in it and get stuck. I get that illusion....been there many times myself.

There's a brother in Jesus School that confided that as a new Christian, he feels, at times, like he's in a fog. He said, "I'm not always inspired. I'm not always motivated" and as a Christian, albeit not a perfect Christian, I can totally relate. Several months ago, I likened "The Community" to a Waze App in which I noted that there are those further ahead, and some further behind, "The Road" than others. I love to play on my husband's app while he drives because like Facebook, I GET to be the 1st one to warn those behind me of a cop. There wouldn't be a need to Cop Warn, if there wasn't a need to have Cop Warnings. Get it? Truth is, I understood my brother when he explained that there are times he just isn't feeling the Jesus Juice (that is NOT offensive at all!) and feels like he's just going through the motions....like in a fog. My man, I get it, so let me give you a piece of Waze advice.....All Christians at some point, have no idea what to do....It's called, The Emmas Fog, welcome to your Journey, we'll get you through this. FULL POST

Posted 11/2/15 at 8:34 AM | Veronica Philips

The Rules of Engagement

Is It Fair, or Nothing Personal....

Right before working out this morning, I informed Merrill (with some amusement) that a little bitty insurgence group had claimed responsibility for downing the Russian airliner over the Sinai Peninsula. I don't find the incident humorous or amusing in any regard, what I do find amusing is that an insurgence group, with practically no hair on their chest, thought to step to Russia. Merrill, in typical fashion, responded, "Um yes, Russia doesn't follow the same Rules of Engagement that we do" and he let it drop at that. I understood. The Rules of Engagement, the Socio accepted Standard of Interactions, break the ROE and there are no winners.....

I think what makes me the saddest in all this is the picture of the 10 month old Toddler, posted as her family waited for the plane to board. If it is found that an insurgency group downed the plane, I can't say that I'll have much sympathy for the party responsible, but what about the innocents? See, far too often, our (I'm talking to you Christians) actions have consequences on those who least deserve it as well. I violated the Rules of Engagement, with the Little Brother at Enterprise. My ire was due to an interaction with another Agent several months ago. I took my lbs of flesh out on him....I misused the gift given to me for missions work.....I'm no Russia but when I'm in "that" zone I also have a take no prisoners attitude....damn I HATE it....when I screw up. FULL POST

Posted 10/25/15 at 10:43 PM | Veronica Philips

The Language of Love

The Saints Pope?
You can search this entire world and will never, ever, find another picture of Merrill wearing a Saints jersey. They say the measure of love a man has for his wife, can be found in the colors he’s willing to wear…for her. It’s been no secret to those who know me that I’m a New Orleans Saints fan. I’ve flown to ATL to watch them beat the Falcons (love that trip) and today I drive to Indy to watch them beat the Colts…I hope. The tickets were given to me, so I there’s another measure of LOVE right there….the willingness to part with season tickets, to make a friend happy. I find it odd and a little bit exciting to think that The Language of Love translates well across all divides.
You can’t really describe Love, but like Porn, you know it, when you see it. “Understanding the Five Languages of Love”, Dr. James Dobson explains how we, as live beings, show our Love for each other in many different forms. I saw a blog this morning that said, “Men have sex to feel intimacy, while women must feel intimacy to have sex”. That may be the problem right there. Too many people arguing that Tomato is really pronounced Tomato….LOL. The ability to put on a Saints jersey, even though they win the Merrill Bowl every year, shows that Merrill loves me beyond reason, and is willing to don the hated colors to prove it. He may just feel some intimacy later. A good friend giving me her two 50 yard line tickets, shows me that she appreciates me, and wants me to know that she loves me. My accepting her tickets is my way of showing her that I love her too. The act of speaking words, is no more effective than me trying to kill fish with my mind, however, our actions, that is, what we’re willing to do for one another, is the true testament of our Love. Jesus said, “No greater love hath he, than the one who is willing to lay down his life for another”. I’m not dying for anyone today, but I can honestly admit, that I would….for some of you…in a New York Minute.

I’ve got to get these kids to Maw and Paws; which is another act of love on their part. See, it isn’t money, fame, power or even coffee that makes this world rotate, it’s us, as beings, showing love in appreciation of, and for, what’s been done for us. The Mercy rule; which I religiously try to follow states, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy”. Send your love out into the world and it will never return void, because there is a space that exists within us all, that love will fill. I giggle at that visual. We all have the need to be loved, but I feel we also have the need to show it…the difference is dependent on which day of the week it is. We all know that God Loves His Saints (The Bible tells us so), well, Ima be there, when they come marching in….I love football, but I love the man who donned the jersey to show his love for me, even more. How can you show someone your love today? I have free NFL tickets…..She loves me, and I love her too. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.

Posted 10/24/15 at 12:33 PM | Veronica Philips


Really? Bruce Jenner….Caitlin….was just named Women of the Year by Glamour Magazine and no one has a problem with this. Women I swear to you…one day…..I’ll make you see just how important we are to the evolution of this society. This world rotates on the axis of our judgments, discerning choices, successes and failures, and to chose a man, who was born with a penis…as the Woman of the Year for no other reason but because she was a reality star….is insulting to all the women who were true hero’s. This man is no more a hero than I am Ginger Grant, but here we sit, just like Nero, while the world burns, and we are okay with that…Really?

Yep, it’s judgmental, but I’m so tired of this society walking around on egg shells terrified of offending someone. Do 1/2 of us know what it’s like to truly walk around on egg shells? To be with someone so violent that the very squeak of a floor board in the middle of the night will earn a beating? What does Catlin know about being a woman? She’ll never know the gift of birth, the horror of the positive pregnancy test, the stress and guilt of standing outside a Planned Parenthood Clinic as we make the decision that will change our life. She’ll never know the fear of walking to our car, in the dark, in a Walmart parking lot, because as the weaker sex, we are an easy target. She’ll never know what it’s like to sit in a hospital room, curtains closed, gown up to the knees while a stranger takes samples because of the brutal rape that took place hours before. The shame of being labeled a whore, the stigma of sleeping with one man too many, the periods….the horrible menses that mocks us every month of our life, then when it doesn’t come, the hormones that makes us monsters. She’ll never freaking know the beauty of sex….the security of being with the man you love, the assurance that no matter how many stretch marks you have on your butt, this man is never going to judge you for your looks the way those outside the bedroom does….the heart to heart, soul to soul, mind to mind. The beauty of breast feeding……the connection of women to God. Knowing, understanding, cherishing the way we were created to be known, understood and cherished…..no…..she’s not a woman anymore than I have a penis, but go ahead….celebrate her…..because someone is too afraid to tell Glamour Magazine that THAT IS bullsh*t…..Catlin Jenner cheated on the test, and our gender….is going to excuse, embrace, and affirm her choices….. FULL POST

Posted 10/22/15 at 7:42 AM | Veronica Philips

The Big Picture

At The Feet of Christ
Dedicated to the girl who knows who she is :)

I was running an hour behind schedule when I rushed into her house that morning. The house was a mess, and as I clenched my teeth, my tongue clicked three times in a "tsk, tsk, tsk" sound. How on earth was I going to keep the schedule today? Sigh....my first order of business was to start the laundry then from the laundry move to the dishes maybe muttering a “Good Morning” in between. From the dishes I headed to the trash, creating a grocery list in my head, as I went. “Damn I’m late” I thought as I put the trash in the container and rushed back into the house to make her breakfast. Only as I was setting her oatmeal on the table did I look at her for the 1st time that morning, and FROZE. She was in trouble…big trouble, and I hadn’t noticed the slur in her voice until she said, “I don’t feel so good”. FULL POST

Posted 10/21/15 at 9:56 AM | Veronica Philips

Eye Of The Tiger

I Worked Hard For This!
I don't like the Insanity program, nor it's sister programs, T25, Crazy Ass Shawn T, and Help I'm Hurt. Merrill faithfully gets up at 5:30am and does the workouts regardless of how much the host tries to kill him, or HOW much I mock him. I get to sit on the couch behind him, with coffee and computer, and encourage him and by encourage I mean, Not Do It With Him. Don't Judge Me....no sensible person should be up before Dawn. Even though I'm a hateful, shrew of a wife (no argument), I'm supportive, and I promise you, not a single person reading this right now is doing Insanity at 5:30. I'm a EVENING kickboxing instructor myself, let me offer a few tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of workouts....here ya go....(Dant...dant..dant...dant....Rising Up, Back on the Streets):

Do not just buy the hype you need a high-impact workout routine to be successful. The #1 failure in any workout is treating exercise like a buffet. A treadmill, or a walk will work just as well in the beginning. Your body, like a 3yr old WILL rebel...find something you can live with.
Don't let people shame you into getting fit. You WILL fail. You have to WANT it! Eye of the Tiger and whatnot.
No Pain/No Gain is CRAP. You should feel discomfort, but pain is a sign that something is WRONG. A torn hamstring should not be worked through.....
With that said.....Making your body submit is HARD. You're body will beg you to quit.....don't quit...you're just that much closer to victory.
Finally, and I cannot STRESS this enough.....models are airbrushed. I have chicken skin because I've had three babies. Some things you are NOT going to rid yourself. Never compare yourself to a Kardashian who has a team of artists. Some item's are a badge of honor....wear it with pride and like a BOSS. FULL POST

Posted 10/19/15 at 9:46 AM | Veronica Philips


God sees us as His babies too.
I was mildly amused to hear Duchess singing, “Jesus Loves Me” from the backseat of the car. I joined in, doing the voices, “They are weak, but He is strong” going from high pitched squeaky to deep low strong man….she loved it…I loved it….I have sang that little ditty with 3 children now….. I get why Jesus wanted us to approach Him like children. Never understanding why He’d want those snot nosed little toddlers, wibbly and wobbly as they make their way toward him….It was the picture of innocence, trust and something else He wanted us to envision….The Parent/Child relationship…. Sigh…I remember those days well.
Having a daughter 26 a son 9, and a baby girl who will be 3 qualifies me to write on the entire spectrum of parental/mommy issues. I can’t really address myself as a mommy when referring to all things Princess, and frankly Sweetness is fast approaching the age where “mommy” is no longer going to be appropriate for him either. Soon he’ll be given a cell phone, with the mandate to text me every hour on the hour….or if I text him…to text me back ASAP. At my age, we no longer call The Father, DADDY either….DADDY is Baby Christian….we’re adults…don’t treat us like we still live at home….. Father….we’re busy….we’ll call you when we can!
I wonder what a text Message from God would look like? I mean HE knows how we are. He doesn’t mandate for us to keep in touch so He can be in control. We should KNOW how He feels when we don’t bother to return a text to Him. Ironic, that I’ll text Princess three times in three days, then threaten to go to Terre Haute if she doesn’t let me know she’s alive, but I won’t even bother, not one time, to get with Him, if He calls me. Like the singing toddler from the back seat, He just wants to do the voices with us and laugh….He wants a Parent/Child relationship. As parents we should get that. Darn it….I get it. Okay, gotta go. I have a lot to do today, and in addition to all that, I have to call my Dad later. Ya know, He worries…..Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.

Posted 10/18/15 at 10:04 PM | Veronica Philips

You're My Best Friend

You're My best Friend
You're My Best Friend- I am the last person who should be giving relationship advice. After all, 9 times out of 10, I'm throwing stuff at his head....I don't mean to miss....If you have someone in your life, that's worth keeping, you're gonna have to work past the plateau's, the flatlines, the dips and throw a few bowls at his head, because being with anybody for any length of time, is going to become stale.
In this house, we pee with the door open. Don't Judge Me, a closed door is an open invitation for a toddler to bang, and bang, and bang until you finally give in and open the door anyway. Our lack of modestly makes it very uncomfortable for visitors. We're not savages, it's just that in the end, the toddler gets her way, and the door opens. Feel me? Why not just start with an open door policy? That way, when the trials come, there's a sense of TRUST already in place. Trust dictates that no matter how or what we feel, we can be OPEN about our insecurities. Trust me on this, when you take away the insecurity of looking vulnerable you can REALLY talk to your partner...try new things....Fear is not from the Lord....always remember that.

We once tried a relationship exercise in which we were to begin our sentences with, "I feel". It's a lot like telling your child they have the right to express their feelings of injustice. When you open that can, everything becomes unjust. Being proverbial smart a**es anyway, every sentence that came out of our mouth was, "I feel like you're an idiot", or "I feel like I want to insult your manhood". Having fun is the glue that holds it all together. He is my best friend, and worse enemy, the mystery is determining which one he is, at any given time. The same passion that compels me to throw objects at his head (I don't mean to miss) is the same passion I have when we make up....So, be open, be honest, but be willing to play. Do that, and you have a good foundation. The tremors will come...the earth will shake....I'd rather face the trials with him, than to have a life of Peace alone.....Okay, that's enough. Duchess is eating, and I gotta go....I may have my first 5 minutes of Peace of the day....Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.

Posted 10/17/15 at 8:59 AM | Veronica Philips

Say Hello To My Little Friends

There are two things about life that I love the most, the first one being that I never cease to be amazed at myself. It is so much easier to simply write off the things I don't want to do, telling myself I cannot do them, than actually try....ya know....for giggles and whatnot. Case in point....MATH. Say hello to my little friends....

For a girl whom makes a good living encouraging you all to get out and do stuff, I'm pretty hypocritical because over 50% of the time, (that is Theoretical Probability) I don't take the advice myself. A lot of "us" do it, it's okay...but not really. Anywho, due to a screw up at The Kiddie Pool, by a fool I am convinced possesses pictures, I had to take Math...UGH! I could NOT fail if I were to continue on toward my BSN, therefore, the only thing that stood between me and that coveted degree were my little friends, "x"and "y". Well boys....Lets Get It On. FULL POST

Posted 10/16/15 at 12:35 PM | Veronica Philips

Happy Birthday Hubby

Happy Birthday Soulmate

My nephew wants me to warn him of certain statuses……consider yourself warned. Happy Birthday Hubby! Today is the anniversary of Merrill’s birth. Merrill, my gorgeous hubby, is 42 today. I take care of an adorable older couple in their 80’s. The husband is hard of hearing (I doubt it at times) and is famous for saying, “What?”. She then, will yell at him whatever was just said, so picture the scene yesterday, when I was walking out the door. “Tomorrow’s your husband’s birthday”, to whit I responded, “Yes ma’am”. “Well, I’ll bet I know what your getting him” and as if I didn’t get the joke she continued, “You know what I mean don’t you?”. I do indeed know what she means. FULL POST

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