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Veronica Philips

I am a wife, mother, small business owner, annoyer of all things hubby, and occasionally I write. This is me, my life, my all. You get to see all my epic failures as I navigate my way to fame, though

Posted 9/22/15 at 7:47 AM | Veronica Philips

Each One Teach One...

Deaf are the Ears that wears the Crown.
Ya know, it wasn’t the Gay Pride Parades, the Rainbows, or the talk shows that changed my mind. It wasn’t the books, the Christian Pastors, nor the Media….that made me take a second look and then change my stance on Gay Marriage. For all that there was going on in society at the time, from the Aides epidemic of the 80’s to the Civil Union struggles of this decade, I maintained the Christian Authority that Homosexuality was WRONG…and I took the moral high road that, “I’ll be your friend, but I won’t support your life”. I couldn’t have been more arrogant if I had wore a crown. In the end, it was one person. One small, (not so quite) person who shared with me her story of humiliation, and any moral Superiority I had felt before went out the window. I realized that Jesus may not have encountered a gay man (Gosh I wish He had of), but the Bible is CLEAR in what we must do….. we must LOVE…..DUH. Except….we’re not going to talk about THAT….:)
How I changed from my Saulian stance toward the Homosexual Community to the Liberal, Left-leaning jerk I am today is nothing extraordinary. The woman I call friend, share me the tale of the day she was brutally outted, then ousted from a Sunday Service. It pissed me off. In hindsight, I marveled at how one person, brought down my Goliath Stronghold. Then I realized that that’s how we change the world. You don’t have to agree with my ideals, I actually don’t care, but the way to change society is to change one person, and that journey that begins with one set of willing ears. I may not clearly understand the Lord’s Will or Stance on Homosexuality but I know what it ISN’T. Shoving the graphic pictures, name calling, political ads, the AM radio DJ’s vying for listenership, the pomp and circumstance of Pastors….NONE of that is going to change a mind. You can show all the graphic ads of animal abuse you want (If you do, I will delete you), but if all your friends are anit-animal abusers…you will reach, and change…no one. Change comes from the heart, but it must first go through the ears, and that starts with the mouth. Each one, teach one…that’s how you bring change….and THAT is how I end this status. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.

Posted 9/21/15 at 7:52 AM | Veronica Philips

Mite I trouble you for a Penny?

The Widow and the Mite
The issue with going to bed early, is one will awaken early. Yep, Duchess and I went to lie down at 9:30pm, my body clock was up at 3:30..SIGH. While I was in bed, making deals with myself, (Okay, if I’m still up at 4am I’ll get up, if I’m still up at 4:30am I’ll get….5am…FINE…I’m up! ARRRGH), I allowed my mind to wander. I thought back to yesterday, and how Duchess ran into her sister’s arms, and said, “Sissy, I got you a resent” (Pronounced PRESENT) and ran off. Merrill said, “Wait for it”….when Duchess came back, she had an old Cabbage Patch Doll from the 80’s and handed to her sister as if it were her most prized possession….we could learn a lot from the generosity of a toddler.
Jesus tells us the story of the Widow who upon arriving at the Temple, gave her last two “Mites”; which in that society was the least valuable of the coins (it would be a penny to our dollar). God had a special heart for the Widows, because without a man to guard them, they were at the mercy of society. Jesus noted that the rich men arriving to the temple, were giving a portion of their wealth (silver), while the Widow was giving all she had, but she was doing so…CHEERFULLY. Jesus rightfully surmised, that in her giving, she had given MORE than the silver pieces. Duchesses gift, while a “regift” came sincerely from her heart with JOY. God wants our JOY more than our possessions, and when we give back to society what has been given to us, we serve with JOY; which in turn becomes a BLESSING. My toddler doesn’t understand the concept of Joy…she just gives from the heart. Ignorance may be bliss after all because AGENDAS skew the INTENT. I may not have the silver of the wealthy, but I can have the Joy of the Widow, and THAT my friends is far more valuable to God.….Hmmm, wonder if I can pay my electric bill today with a smile? It’s worth a try. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.

Posted 9/20/15 at 9:25 AM | Veronica Philips

And Isn't It Ironic????

I’m a simple Ozark girl. Aside from my obsession with all things bags (can you BELIEVE I almost bought another one yesterday? Thank you Goodwill for being slow ass people)…I digressed in my digression. Forgive me. Aside from my obsession with all things bags, I’m a simple girl. I love hot chocolate in front of a wood burning stove on a cold night, I love to watch the combines from my North facing bay window harvest the Fall corn, I love to just wander the aisles at Wal-Mart and browse the costumes and fall decorations, and I LOVE singing songs with my children on the way back from celebrating Oktoberfest. I’ve argued that the best things in life are free, and they are. Have you noticed that the older you get, the more ironic things become?
Irony. If you have to define it, you don’t know it. The 90’s hit, “Isn’t it ironic” wasn’t ironic, but unfortunate. As I sat defining all the awesome simple things in life that make me happy, I realized that I probably have thousands (not bragging) of dollars worth of bags, shoes, and others in my closet, yet you will most often find me in a pair of 20 year old TORN jeans, tennis shoes the same age, and an Illini sweatshirt….Irony….probably, and the irony of THAT…is that I wouldn’t realize that I’m happier with the torn jeans, if I didn’t have the expensive jeans hanging next to it ☺ The longer I’m here, the more I know I’m blessed, and I know I’m blessed by the way all the free things make me feel. Satisfaction, Contentment, Peace, Joy, Kindness, Love, Freedom….all FREE…all the Best. I’m not mad at ya, if you walk around with a Louis Vuitton bag. I may even stop you and compliment you on your choice of accessories….I’m just saying that I have a flea market bag, with fake pearls strewn on them….that I LOVE the most! The difference between Fame and Role Model is how well you fit into both skins….It’s ironic because you have to BE both…to know the difference (I’m not a Role Model, get it? ). SIGH….Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.

Posted 9/19/15 at 10:19 AM | Veronica Philips

Take This Man to Prison

Clipart Panda
Jailer Guarding Prisoners.

When the jailer awoke and saw the prison doors opened, he drew his sword and was about to kill himself, supposing that the prisoners had escaped. But Paul cried out with a loud voice, saying, "Do not harm yourself, for we are all here!" And he called for lights and rushed in, and trembling with fear he fell down before Paul and Silas,…(Acts 16:27-29). At the darkest hour of the day, there was a great earthquake, and the chains that bound the men of God (and every other criminal in the prison) opened up and fell. It was this scene that the Jailer, a man who easily had the most thankless job of the culture, encountered as he awakened, and then attempted to commit suicide.
We too go through the quakes, and isn’t it ironic that the tremors come upon us, in our darkest hour as well? The jailor was terrified because not only did he lose control of the jail, but the consequences from the Roman Government, was going to be swift and severe…He’d RATHER DIE…..Paul understood his FEAR, but instead of walking out; which was his right, he stayed, and honored God. When we hear, then follow, the small still voice in the dark, we too can be comforted, knowing that like Paul with his Jailor, God too…is here with us. We can panic, or we can wait, either way, Fear is not from the Lord. It’s how we react to our “DARK”, that determines the effects of the His Light. Paul could have left….He didn’t…..”Do not harm yourself, He is here”…..May your Dawn rise soon. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE AND MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.

Posted 9/18/15 at 9:42 AM | Veronica Philips

Memory Cells

The genius behind vaccines is that a tiny bit of matter (be it live, dead, denatured, or partial) is injected into the human body and the body will create antigens to protect itself should that material find its way in again. It works because of the creation of Memory Cells, via the Thymus University. Memory Cells will wander and roam the body, like a patrol car (1 Adam 12) , and if/when it encounters the material again….our Memory Cells, have it’s number (excuse me sir, your sheath matches the description of a…). See, it’s like having a high-speed internal ADT system. When the system detects the virus, it beats it’s ASS, and you don’t get sick….it’s got you covered…a genius on our Creator’s Part….. isn’t it too bad we can’t do that for our cognitive ability?
The adage, “You forget about birth the moment you give birth” is crap. I never, ever, never, ever forgot the pain and discomfort of birth. I remembered the pain, and willingly did it all over again, for a man, and isn’t it ironic that a man is almost always behind the need for Cognitive Memory Cells?. All too often, we’re too willing to overlook, or accept that which isn’t good for us, when we KNOW it isn’t good for us because we’ve already been injected with the material once. Imagine, Little Sisters, if we obtained the vaccine for small pox, but the Memory Cells forgot the virus, or worse, didn’t care? We’d get small pox! Yet our heart does the same thing. The heart just wants to feel better, so it overlooks the virus of our past choices, risking injury again. I get it, but remember we are the keeper of “self”, we are the only protection we have. If we continue to allow the virus back in, harm and in some cases death will come. Just imagine how healthy we could be, if we remembered the virus…then KILLED it. Paul said, “I die daily”. Maybe it’s time the virus dies too. The brain knows…the heart trumps…and you are somewhere in the middle. To be truly happy, we must remember, then eradicate……Think upon that…as you move about your Friday……Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. Be Kind to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.

Posted 9/17/15 at 9:44 AM | Veronica Philips

The Debate (Part 1 of 1,000)

Say What?
Veronica Philips
My face when some personally attacks me in a private message!
Dave Ramsey is a hero around here, but he wasn’t at first. Funny how when the WOMAN gets on board, things tend to run a little smoother. I digress. I listen to his show daily, and when I can’t listen to it on live radio, I listen to his podcast. Two weeks ago, I actually got to talk to him…. Damn. I digressed again. Dave had a caller who wanted to know what to do about her current employment and housing situation. After some background, she revealed that she had been fired from two jobs (the boss hated her), she’s having issues with her Landlords, and she has a car worth 75% of her take home pay. Dave is a kind, but honest man. Finally, in an act of LOVE he told her, “Sweetheart I don’t think the problem is them…it’s YOU”….Friends, get on….
I respect anyone that steps to, and disagrees with me. What I can’t tolerate is the private messages I get after publically posting something on social media. It’s funny really that everyone has safe haven to post their thoughts on my page, but there is always the one little jerk that feels like they need to go and hit below the belt. I almost never write a post specifically about “someone” but I will today, because I’m tired of it. My skin may be thick but my patience is not. I don’t like Fiorina. Doesn’t mean I’m betraying my sex….I love sex….it just means that I’m not willing to accept just any female so that I can prove the “Girls rule, boy drool” rule. I would have clapped for her had she just said, “I screwed up, lets move on”, but it appears we have a team of politicians, Clinton included, who just want to use excuse after excuse, then will become contrite ONLY after all other options have failed them….Trump is a TROLL…she took it personally….I’m starting to see her issue. Sweetheart, I don’t think the problem is them….it’s YOU.
We live in a society where virtual fisticuffs take place in the form of private messages, with the initiator hitting…then running. You do know I can see that you received, then read the messages right? If my opinion on an issue isn’t appreciated…you do have the right to remain silent and move on. Love that about this country. I refuse to allow the upcoming elections to divide US the way the last election divided US. A friend posted on her status yesterday, “I will not debate this” and I think I’ll do that too…the only problem with that is it’s an invitation to debate…LOL…can’t win. Just so we’re clear, 1. I DO NOT like Fiorina. Does it mean I’m a Trump lover? No… 2. I don’t like women who whine that men hate her. 3. Debate me all you want., but the minute it turns personal, or goes private, you’re deleted. 4. I’m not betraying my sex (I love sex) suck it and 5. Can’t we just remain civil…..? Okay gotta go. I just found out that The Rock and his girlfriend are expecting….I need to send them a card…..where do I find a “Congrats, but not really” card? Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.

Posted 9/16/15 at 7:33 AM | Veronica Philips

Today I'm 45...Happy Birthday To Me.

I don't feel 45 when I have him....

I have an amazing support system. People, strangers, friends and a few foes, are comfortable enough to walk up to me and start a conversation. Friends post interesting tid bits of video’s, stories, quotes, and spider meme’s (pronounced Memes) LARGE Spider Meme’s, on my page. Well wishers of all ages, back grounds, and varying degrees of gifts will throw things out at me with the note, “Thinking of you”. Strangers, whom I’ve never met me save through Social Media, will “like” my statuses, share my thoughts, retweet my Twitter, Favor an opinion.
I have a husband that most women only dream about. When we were little girls, and we put the pillowcases on our heads, grabbed the flowers out of the yard, and pretended we were walking down the isle to meet our Prince Charming…Merrill…is the one of whom we dreamed. I’ve been told, and reminded, more than once…more than once….that if I ever don’t want him, or if HE feels that he’s not receiving the respect he deserves…to just walk or send him, across the street….LOL a Little Sister reminded me yesterday that there are those who still very much desire him….gotta watch those Little Sister….Sneaky…..I KNOW what I have and I’m keeping it, thank you very much, but I’ll let you know…promise.
I have children that keep me laughing daily. In good relative health, we work on the issues that exists and pray for that in which we have no control. There are many nights I just watch them while they sleep…the gaze of a mother who realizes that certain prerogatives still belong to The Lord….He said “Yes”….God is good, and my babies are beautiful…..Amen.
I have EVERYTHING I ever wanted. I have the man, the children, the job, the house, the car, the pets, the friends…the hundreds and hundreds of friends…..and today I’m 45….I feel better, look better, I AM better, stronger, and HAPPIER than I’ve ever been in my entire life….and the irony of all this is that I’d never have any of it, if I had succeeded many years ago, when at the age of 17….I tried to end it all…and just go away.
The not-so-funny joke at my age is, “Doncha wish you could be 18 again?” and my response is HELL NO, but then I think about it….”Can I be 18, and keep my 45 year old brain?”. I see all the Little Sisters at The Pool, in public, on Social Media, trying to navigate their way through the narrow streets of life…just like I did, and I just want to reach out…and take over, but I can’t because Life is about experience. Suicide isn’t a solution, it’s a thief. It robs the future generations of Light, the present generation of joy…..Life is living and learning…..and winning…..Life is Beautiful….and I know this because I’m here and not gone…get it? If you’re considering making the one mistake in which there is no recovery, I mean it is PERMANENT, reach out and take the hand extended to you….We’re not going to judge you, I promise.
Okay, gotta go. I’m enjoying my coffee, and thanking all the well wishers. In 10 minutes, I’ll awaken my son, with whom I am well pleased. This is gonna be a GREAT DAY. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy my Birthday. Please.

Posted 9/15/15 at 8:33 AM | Veronica Philips

If the Devil is in the Details, Whose in the Forest?

If you’re in the middle of the forest, and a tree falls, does it make a sound? Hell you don’t know, you’re too busy trying to find the way out! In the middle of College Algebra last night, Merrill, thinker of all things smart, got up and left me, to watch the MNF game. Can’t judge him….I’ve done the same thing to him with English. I like a good challenge as much as anyone else. I was lost in a maze of numbers that he understood, but I kept saying, “I do it”….forget him, but I NEED him…Darn it.
The Devil is in the Details, or in this case, the forest (my math). Pride sets in when we realize we’re lost, but instead of trusting our rescuers, we decline their help. When he got to heaven, the man said to Jesus, “I trusted you, and I died!” Jesus responded, “I sent you a boat, plane and helicopter, what else did you need?” I get it, we all do it….. It’s hard to see the path out when we have blinders on. I hate that part about our nature, but Satan doesn’t. He sees our pride, raises it with panic, then bets us to keep wandering….keep roaming, when the whole time…the WHOLE time, guides were standing by. Seriously friends, I cannot say to Merrill, “I need you to discipline the boy” then get mad at him when he disciplines him. Trust only goes as far as we allow it. In the Forest, it’s dark and scary, yet we do walk with those whose gone before us, a Woodsy Waze, if you will, our rescue comes from our relinquishment of control…it hurts, but death hurts more….It’s funny how we say to God, “I just need a Word”, He says, “Trust” and we say, “I’m gonna need another Word”.
At an Oldsmobile Leadership Conference, a team building exercise was for us to chose a leader, then blindfold ourselves. We had to trust that the leader would lead us around the obstacles, to the final victory. Those who didn’t trust, hesitated and fell back, those who semi-trusted walked around with their hand out…then there were those who said, “I can’t do any better with this blinder on” and made it to the end….they were then sent back to help the roamers……get it? We have trusted advisors, friends, other family that we can lean on…hold to…follow…to do what’s in our best interest….but we don’t…..because we can’t, and we can’t because pride and fear, two emotions that do NOT come from the Lord, block our view.
What it really boils down to is, do you…or don’t you? Do you trust them or NO? It really IS that black and white. Telling my husband, “I’m going to do this and this and this, you get this little, bitty part of raising YOUR children” is neither productive, fair, righteous, nor complimentary to our partnership. When you’re in too deep, you must trust others to guide you through. Their sight…is far better….than yours. There may come a day, when you’ll lead them out of their forest as well. Okay, gotta go. There’s a MATH mess on the table. Did ya see the tomato’s I canned last night? Yep….didn’t use MATH….FREAKING once….how do you like them Pie’s? Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.

Posted 9/14/15 at 10:13 AM | Veronica Philips

Men On Pause- I Want My Ovaries Back

Men-On-Pause has not been kind to me. I don’t have the promised hot flashes that every other lucky woman gets, but almost everything else has been hard for me. Its unfair that a man can have babies…til death due him part…but women have to lose their precious ovaries…I mean I don’t want anymore babies…pregnancy is a young girls game and all, but why don’t men have all the bad things…I’d settle for a shriveling of the testicles….LOL the visual has me giggling…but seriously…it was ADAM, not EVE who made the Lord mad, but we got the brunt of the curse….
My armpits sweat for NO reason. SECRET my ass….I’ve tried every deorderant known to man, and I’ve even tried Merrill’s…but still…when I sit in the class room, and I can feel it running down my arms….enough is enough….THAT’S GROSS, and frankly…it’s unbecoming someone of my Celebrity. I shave with Merrill’s razor, and nothing…nothing works….someone said to put on baby powder…do you KNOW how much I sweat….that will just end up looking like I’m making pancakes under my shirt.
The miracle in all this, is that I’m still capable of controlling to whom I become angry. For example, when did my mother develop patience? Telling me the kids are fine while those little rats are running around the house disrespecting my cleanness, is behavior unbecoming that psycho. That’s not disrespect…that’s a “Who the hell are you?”. I guess for as much as Men-on-Pause has made me less plesant to be around, it has developed a certain Mother Teresa in her….nice…but not fair….my kids could do no wrong…..even the little Duchess Devil was endearing to her…I was tempted to check her for ID…this is not the woman, I was raised with.
Speaking of Hot Flashes, when am I going to get the internal body heat promised me? I go into the restroom this morning, sit on the toilet (TMI?) and scream! It’s flipping 42 degrees in there. Merrill and my mother, will whine…just whine…if you even look like you’re going to touch the heater. My mother slept with the windows open. I had to pull out the army wool blankets. Holy Cow people…..it’s okay to turn on a little heat when the gauge drops to…oh lets say…65….it’s a fight in this house just to stay warm. Merrill tells me to put on come clothes….as in sweatshirts….but I feel like if you spend most of your time trying to get me out of them, you don’t have the right to tell me to get back in them…just saying. Some days I just wish his testicles would freeze up, just so he knows just how I feel. Ok. Gotta go. This thing is way late, and I have to be at the pool later. The only good thing about the chilly weather is the snuggling; which as a digression, is pretty cool (pun)….but not with the frozen testicles…still though….I like to see him screaming when his butt touches the toilet…. better go before this gets off track. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.

Posted 9/12/15 at 8:23 AM | Veronica Philips

I'm An Ozarks Girls...

Merrill and I were in the garden picking green beans earlier this week. In the Winter, spaghetti with our canned tomato sauce, green beans, and his homemade salsa are staples in this house. “Something’s in this garden” he said, while being very cautious. Neither one of us fear snakes, but we don’t engage them either. Peter Cottontail had been trapped in there, a few days earlier, so it was natural that I had brushed off his fear with a “Wussy” and moved on. Thursday, we found out, that what was stalking the garden was indeed not a snake or rabbit, but the largest Jeremiah Bull Frog I had ever seen. Looking up at my mother and I with the largest Irish eyes I had ever seen, he begged us to move on and forget we ever saw him. “ I felt sorry for him” was the response I gave to an insensitive individual, after asking me why I didn’t eat him. Finding out I’m an Ozarks girl, he replied, “You’ve betrayed your people….That’s good eatin’ right there”…..
It took me years to embrace my roots as an Ozark girl. We are not the toothless, stupid, poor, uneducated, God Fearing Bible Thumpers that Hollywood has made us out to be. We do have running water, indoor bathrooms, our children do not drink Coke from the bottle, and no, we do not marry our brothers/sisters. The true Ozarkian folk are kind, hard working people, whom will give you the very shirt off their backs. They have an amazing BS Meter for all things nefarious, and be stupid enough to get on the bad side of one, you might as well pack up and leave. Yes, hunting, fishing, Nascar, and Friday Night Football is required for membership, but we’ll welcome you to any event that requires a Miller Light as a cover charge. In the Ozarks, meat is fresher when caught and killed yourself, and while I have CHOSEN not to hunt/forage for my own food, I don’t judge those who do….Many of my Brethren are card carrying members of the 2nd Amendment Right to Arm Deer but that’s only because roaming, fire-arm carrying, deer are a better sport. Come November 1, every pastor in the State, knows to lock up the building and take it to the Stand….The Deer Stand, and while we’re on the subject of Faith, Ozarkian folk are religious, so I suppose Hollywood did get that right, we are the God Fearing Bible Thumpers I attempted to disclaim earlier. Ozarkian Folk, closely adhere to the standard of “Doing unto others” but if you screw them over…well…we don’t bother the police with petty issues….know what I mean Vern?
Ozarkian folk have hearts of gold, and they’re full of Grace, but never mistake their Grace for Weakness, nor stupidity. I’ve learned more, from the Mama on the Porch, than I’ll ever glean in a classroom of babies…..Life…that the Ozarkian folk live to it’s fullest abounds in my beautiful neck of the woods. Charity begins at home, not the Capital. If you have something that needs building, fixing, or wrangled, simply call your buddy, then sit back and watch the wave of good folk drive up in pickups with beer, so yes, I’m ashamed to admit that for so long I fought with where I came from, but after canning several quarts of tomato juice last night, I realized that you can take the girl out of the Ozarks, but you can’t take the Ozarks out of the girl….Hmm….it’s not so bad…..Okay, gotta go. It’s going to be hunting season soon, and I gotta clean my gun. I don’t have a gun, but in the Ozarks, that’s not a problem….I love my people. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.

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