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Blessed Are Those Who Wait Upon the Lord!

Fri, Aug. 07, 2015 Posted: 10:03 AM

I really feel like God will give you the right moment for the right problem. This doesn’t mean you should sit around at home, lazy and just wait….it means that if you’re going to talk the talk Christian girl, you may want to walk the walk as well, and how freaking ironic is it when the person He sends you is someone you notoriously, verbally spar with…every chance you both get? God does expect you to get out and live your life….get out of bed….do stuff…..but sometimes, I think He’s showing off like He did in that game of golf with Moses and His son. Look at me, I’m God…..I can part a sea….What have YOU done today? Okay Daddy, we get it, you’re God, and we’re not. Well done.
I drew a line that I can’t undraw with Grace. It’s the kind of line that says, “this is my stand, like it, or leave it, I don’t care which”. It isn’t "The Line" that kills a relationship, it’s the series of situations that leads up to the line being drawn, that’s the relationship killer, and Satan would have you believe that your ends justify a means….it does NOT. Sometimes, we can only go on Auto Pilot for so long before we become aware that we’re at our destination….the destination of Line Drawing……and before you KNOW it, you’re standing nose to nose with your spouse, willing to give it all up….because of fear. You know, we weren’t given a spirit of fear…..fear doesn’t come from Him…..if Satan can get you to justify your bad behavior….he’s got ya…..only Divine Intervention can save you now……Carrie has drawn a few lines herself., except I didn’t know that until I started talking with her. Why on earth would I do that? This woman is my mortal enemy! Well, not really, but the verbal fisticuffs would certainly have you believing that she and I hate each other….we do not, but she is not my first choice for a confidant….I can tell you THAT. I was needing a Word, He sent me an Ear….WAIT….what’s that Scripture?
“Blessed are those who wait upon the Lord” when in need He will always send you help, it just doesn’t always have a halo. Earth Angels are everywhere……’s refreshing to know that there are other “line drawers” out there, and while we made no profound progress, that is, a solution wasn’t created, I did walk away feeling renewed..........Carrie has had her own issues this year, so it was nice of her, to pretend to listen to mine. Friends, if I can impart one word of wisdom to you, it’s to WAIT. The Lord has what you need, when you need it. He really does provide…I mean HE really does….Funny how that works out. I feel better and ready to take on the world. To Wait is to be Blessed…..hmm, Ronnie’s gift isn’t exactly in waiting…Patience is a Spiritual Gift not given to me…..if you know what I mean. Gotta go. Duchess missed her daddy, and he needs me to retract her out of his butt….poor man….he can’t even sit down. Guess she got her blessing too. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With you Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.

Veronica Philips