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Grace for Grace?

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Sometimes You're the Princess, Sometimes You're the Rodent.
Sigh. I have a dilemma. There is a temporarily housed mouse on my kitchen floor. It's not everyday you get to start the weekend off with saving the life of a mouse at 5:30am, but that is exactly what is sitting on my kitchen floor, underneath the protective dome of a white colandar, whilst the cat (Felix) makes desperate haste to handle business. I wish Merrill were here, he'd know what to do, for you see I just rescued a mouse and I have no idea what to do about it. In the meantime....
I live in an old farm house and it's that time of year. We are going to get the mice, spiders, mice and spiders. Mice are responsible for the plague, you know that wretched funk that killed millions and millions of people not once but twice. The plague was so feared that to just whisper "plague" would get you killed. Mice are nasty, rotten, low life little buggers who, in my opinion, have no real valid worth on earth, and yet here they are, stinking up my country property. I can't fathom one reason, not one, why I shouldn't just Rewease Byan (Monty Python Reference) and let the cat have at him. After all, I'd be doing the world a favor.

The irony here is I get to be Cinderella tonight at the Ball....and Cinderella valued life. She had too...she had a horrible one. I suppose to whom much is forgiven, much should be forgiven...Grace for Grace? Having spent some years trying to throw mine away, I feel a certain need to rescue as many as I can....in my quest for Mercy. I know that there are hunters and preys, I know that the culling of populations are necessary, I get that some deserve death, but just ask the spiders who get bus fare every time they're caught in the house if they're grateful! I once had a spider right where I wanted him....underneath my size 7 shoe, and as I came down upon his last breath, I hesitated, grabbed a broom and shoo'd him away. It was a BIG BROOM. I'm not a tree hugger. I've been that mouse, trapped underneath the colandar, sometimes by my own admission, sometimes by others, but always with a cat right outside begging to be let in. Sigh.....I have to go do something with him right now.....do I save him...rescue him from the jaws of Felix only to have him come back in, or do I let what's natural take it's course and pray it's a quick death? I've prayed for death....it isn't always a friend. Well.....in this one small scenario, I get to be God....WWJD? Well, this mouse better be damned grateful....that's all I can say....Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday....Merrill.....?

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