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I am NOT a Role Model

Mon, Aug. 10, 2015 Posted: 09:23 AM

My manager, who shall remain nameless, encouraged me to get out to other social networking sights and expand my horizons, I did. I have had some moderate success with Twitter, after figuring out it was a simple ego stoker of the stars, I mean if you can kiss a**…you’ll get retweeted.. I’m now out to conquer the world of LinkedIn; which is a little tougher being filled with stuffy people, doing stuffy things. I digress. As I logged into my Twitter account this am, I was greeted by yet another notification that I was being followed. So far, I have Dwayne Johnson, Lady Gaga, and now TED….humph. There was another little sister, a Christian girl, who sent me a message that read in part, “I love your blogs. So nice to see we have another Christian woman in the world today”…..Thank you, but this is exactly what my Publicist and Manager warned me about…..being labeled as something, when my actions are something else…..I have been PIGEON HOLED….that is the very definition of ….HYPOCRITE.
Well okay, maybe not so much, but should I be flattered? I mean, I am a Christian….but don’t make ME your leader, ‘cause we’ll go to The Wall together. I’d really rather be known as “The Girl who Wasn’t Judged”, but then again, we KNOW that’s crazy speak. See, as a Christian I can’t: Burp, fart, WRITE fart, cuss, scratch privately in public, scratch publically in private, have sex, talk about having sex, enjoy sex, mouth off to my husband, spit, eat with my mouth open, admonish people to KMA, be unhappy, be sad, be mad, lash out, drink coffee, drink wine, DRINK, poop, tell dirty jokes, laugh at dirty jokes, be offensive, be offended, be obnoxious, be gay, be rich, be poor, be sad (I already said that), be scared, be afraid, be powerful, be trepedatious, be disappointing, be lazy, be busy, be sick, be healthy, be pretty, be ugly, be hair-colored (I know) be boob jobish (Again, I know), BE anything that isn’t perfect, and frankly that’s a LOT of pressure, and the entire reason I wrote, Don’t Judge Me-I’m Not a Role Model, (due out whenever I get a breath).
I am way more comfortable being the bad girl of the faith, but we all know, that can’t go on forever. Actually, I am aware, that I use the Don’t Judge Me banner entirely too much, to excuse my bad behavior. We all KNOW I shouldn’t have punched that man in the face, we all KNOW I shouldn’t write some of the things I write on Facebook, we all KNOW that I should be more weary and cautious of the toes I step on….There are choices and decisions I make poorly….it’s unfortunate that you have to see me behaving badly. It’s unfortunate that some consider me a Role Model, when like Charles Barkley, I’m NOT. When/if you follow me, you make me responsible for my actions….I don’t like that (smile), but then again, I KINDA made myself that…didn’t I? I KNOW I must do better, but I need for people to not label me, so that I can be me…..Am I telling you not to follow me? No, just don’t put too much credence on what I do…..Oh I know, do as I tell you to do….not as I show you to do. Okay, gotta go. Princess has an appt, and I must go get ready for it. Geesh, you’d think she were home again…..Tee Hee….I don’t mind. Don’t Judge Me? Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.

Veronica Philips