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I Did My Best.....They're Good Kids

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Veronica Philips
My Pride and Joy. Your future leaders....
I realized with great amusement that Duchess is the true mirror identity of me. She’s constantly, and I mean constantly, walking around the house waiving her, “I can DO IT” banner in the face of anyone ignorant enough to believe she needs help. It’s maddening. I foresee disaster. I’ve always said that Nurture trumps Nature every time, and twice-on Sunday. It begs the question, “Did I really do a good job?”.
Princess, Sweetness, and Duchess are not survivors, they just chose not to be victims. I have almost lost all three of them…..God is good….I digress. All three are very articulate. Not a single one of them, has run out of things to say since the day they arrived in my life. They are all beautiful, but not so graceful babies. All three are very passionate. Go ahead, debate a liberal social issue with Princess, and if she doesn’t arrogantly cut you off with a, “You’re stupid”, I’ll believe that she’s gone soft. Sweetness pleads his case with the genius of a filler buster, and Duchess just TAKES IT….she doesn’t need your opinion, or permission. All three have a heart, for all things unfair and unjust. It’s just too bad that ALL THINGS are unfair and unjust. The Bears stuck with Cutler, is neither unfair nor unjust. That’s their father’s influence right there. Finally, they’re all three thinkers….questioning the very fabric of “their” universe and their place in it. Duchess with her, “WHY?”, Sweetness with his, “WHY NOT?” and Princess with her, “Do you KNOW who I am?”. They question their faith and place with the very zeal I use to find authentic bags at a thrift store…..I pray that they never stop questioning, never stop fearing, and never stop standing…..in this world, the only way to make it is to take it….then go BSC….which I do….Don’t Judge Me. I don’t buy into the dogma of tradition, and it’s nice to see that even at 3….they don’t either. Love my babies…..It’s a overwhelming responsibility to think that tomorrow’s leaders are in today’s hands…take that thought seriously, for they’re the ones who will determine where you’ll live out your life….go to any LTC, then debate me. Sobering thought. Time to awaken HRH, and it takes about a good 10 minutes to really get him up….that used to be me too…I feel like…nay….Princess still sleeps in too. Sigh. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.

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