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I Don't Like Autumn, But I Serve Him!

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I don't like Autumn
I saw the 1st spider of the season last night on the back porch, and isn’t it fortunate that Merrill had returned home earlier in the day? I don’t enjoy the death of a spider because they way I see it, they’re just trying to make their own bones…they’re a HUSTLER in a PIMP world…I respect that. See, it isn’t the harvest, the moon, the colors that signal the early beginnings of the autumn season…it’s the arachnids and their attempt to come into my home and do their deed all over my floors. Spiced pumpkin pie be darned, the ONLY good thing about winter is that those creepy, crawly jackwagons are either dead, or deep in sleep. That reminds me….there’s a Wolfie waiting for me at a clients house this morning. I’m not sure which to quit first…my Faith…or my job.
There is a trapped spider awaiting my arrival at a clients this am, and I am NOT THE ONE who will be removing the carcass…Merrill is. I marveled last night, that had it been a snake, I would have been right over, but my Superwoman kryptonite is spiders. I accepted that a long time ago. The season in which we find ourselves is their “Carnival”, or ”Mardi Gras” (if you will) and I watch those little jerks parading their way across my back porch celebrating yet another opportunity to come into my house and make crazy spider love….their little hairy spiders legs all intertwined in sinful spider grasping….it sickens me. I’m only hoping that my last hope, Duchess isn’t scared of them, but at the rate she’s going…..hey wait! Where’d all the frogs go? Ya know, up until last night, I had a back porch full of little warty toads……I’ll bet, like some Stephen King Novel, the spiders did something nefarious with them…Great…..Now I have frog killing spiders to worry about…..this is gonna be a bad day. Sigh. It’s gonna be an early Fall, and a bad Winter…Mr. Woolly Worm told me that a few days ago; which as a digression, he disappeared too….DAMN......it’s worse than I thought. When you seek to serve Him, He will test you....I don't appreciate it Daddy......not one bit! Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.

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