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I'm An Ozarks Girls...

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Merrill and I were in the garden picking green beans earlier this week. In the Winter, spaghetti with our canned tomato sauce, green beans, and his homemade salsa are staples in this house. “Something’s in this garden” he said, while being very cautious. Neither one of us fear snakes, but we don’t engage them either. Peter Cottontail had been trapped in there, a few days earlier, so it was natural that I had brushed off his fear with a “Wussy” and moved on. Thursday, we found out, that what was stalking the garden was indeed not a snake or rabbit, but the largest Jeremiah Bull Frog I had ever seen. Looking up at my mother and I with the largest Irish eyes I had ever seen, he begged us to move on and forget we ever saw him. “ I felt sorry for him” was the response I gave to an insensitive individual, after asking me why I didn’t eat him. Finding out I’m an Ozarks girl, he replied, “You’ve betrayed your people….That’s good eatin’ right there”…..
It took me years to embrace my roots as an Ozark girl. We are not the toothless, stupid, poor, uneducated, God Fearing Bible Thumpers that Hollywood has made us out to be. We do have running water, indoor bathrooms, our children do not drink Coke from the bottle, and no, we do not marry our brothers/sisters. The true Ozarkian folk are kind, hard working people, whom will give you the very shirt off their backs. They have an amazing BS Meter for all things nefarious, and be stupid enough to get on the bad side of one, you might as well pack up and leave. Yes, hunting, fishing, Nascar, and Friday Night Football is required for membership, but we’ll welcome you to any event that requires a Miller Light as a cover charge. In the Ozarks, meat is fresher when caught and killed yourself, and while I have CHOSEN not to hunt/forage for my own food, I don’t judge those who do….Many of my Brethren are card carrying members of the 2nd Amendment Right to Arm Deer but that’s only because roaming, fire-arm carrying, deer are a better sport. Come November 1, every pastor in the State, knows to lock up the building and take it to the Stand….The Deer Stand, and while we’re on the subject of Faith, Ozarkian folk are religious, so I suppose Hollywood did get that right, we are the God Fearing Bible Thumpers I attempted to disclaim earlier. Ozarkian Folk, closely adhere to the standard of “Doing unto others” but if you screw them over…well…we don’t bother the police with petty issues….know what I mean Vern?
Ozarkian folk have hearts of gold, and they’re full of Grace, but never mistake their Grace for Weakness, nor stupidity. I’ve learned more, from the Mama on the Porch, than I’ll ever glean in a classroom of babies…..Life…that the Ozarkian folk live to it’s fullest abounds in my beautiful neck of the woods. Charity begins at home, not the Capital. If you have something that needs building, fixing, or wrangled, simply call your buddy, then sit back and watch the wave of good folk drive up in pickups with beer, so yes, I’m ashamed to admit that for so long I fought with where I came from, but after canning several quarts of tomato juice last night, I realized that you can take the girl out of the Ozarks, but you can’t take the Ozarks out of the girl….Hmm….it’s not so bad…..Okay, gotta go. It’s going to be hunting season soon, and I gotta clean my gun. I don’t have a gun, but in the Ozarks, that’s not a problem….I love my people. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.

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