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Memory Cells

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The genius behind vaccines is that a tiny bit of matter (be it live, dead, denatured, or partial) is injected into the human body and the body will create antigens to protect itself should that material find its way in again. It works because of the creation of Memory Cells, via the Thymus University. Memory Cells will wander and roam the body, like a patrol car (1 Adam 12) , and if/when it encounters the material again….our Memory Cells, have it’s number (excuse me sir, your sheath matches the description of a…). See, it’s like having a high-speed internal ADT system. When the system detects the virus, it beats it’s ASS, and you don’t get sick….it’s got you covered…a genius on our Creator’s Part….. isn’t it too bad we can’t do that for our cognitive ability?
The adage, “You forget about birth the moment you give birth” is crap. I never, ever, never, ever forgot the pain and discomfort of birth. I remembered the pain, and willingly did it all over again, for a man, and isn’t it ironic that a man is almost always behind the need for Cognitive Memory Cells?. All too often, we’re too willing to overlook, or accept that which isn’t good for us, when we KNOW it isn’t good for us because we’ve already been injected with the material once. Imagine, Little Sisters, if we obtained the vaccine for small pox, but the Memory Cells forgot the virus, or worse, didn’t care? We’d get small pox! Yet our heart does the same thing. The heart just wants to feel better, so it overlooks the virus of our past choices, risking injury again. I get it, but remember we are the keeper of “self”, we are the only protection we have. If we continue to allow the virus back in, harm and in some cases death will come. Just imagine how healthy we could be, if we remembered the virus…then KILLED it. Paul said, “I die daily”. Maybe it’s time the virus dies too. The brain knows…the heart trumps…and you are somewhere in the middle. To be truly happy, we must remember, then eradicate……Think upon that…as you move about your Friday……Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. Be Kind to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.

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