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Posted 7/31/15 at 10:37 AM | Veronica Philips

This is the DAY- Get Out Enjoy!

Today is the day that the Lord has made, I shall rejoice and be glad in it. Well, that’s easy to do as I look out my North-facing bay window, and drink my coffee. The dew is appropriately sprinkled over the green grass, as the birds go about their am constitutions…..oh look, there’s a shadow over the corn field, as the sun rises from the East. Yes friends, this day is beautiful….and I sit amazed, gloriously grateful, for the day ahead, but it’s easy to be Pollyanna when it’s beautiful outside. What happens on the days when it isn’t so pretty, and the world is dark, grey, and unforgiving?
In life, the very thing we DON’T want to do, is the very thing we MUST do, to make it through the day. I have a friend I visit almost everyday. His issues lie within the fact that he doesn’t WANT to get out of bed. Exercise will help some of his physical issues….movement….blood flowing…. I joked with him, that the true irony in life is that often the cure, that stares us in the face…isn't the cure we WANT, but NEED. I joked with Merrill that I’m NO gold digger. I was with him when we had to beg for the money to pay a $40 water bill….oh yes….we wrote a check to church that bounced. When his mother flat lined on the OR table, I was there…as his world teetered on the brink of disaster….nay….I’m no gold digger, I am his PARTNER and together we’ve learned that in order to fight the demon that threatens to steal our joy, we must….PRAISE Him. Yes, when the days are dark, and the world is bleak, we must Praise Him. When the road ends, and the work is done, we must Praise Him. When the bills are due and the account is empty, we MUST Praise Him….and it isn’t because He is arrogant, and needy of our attention….it’s because when we focus our hearts, minds, Sprits and Souls on HIM, we’ve beaten back the monster...another day. We’ve denied the devil his due.
Think about it. When a smoker quits smoking, they do so by knitting, reading, carrots….anything that takes their mind off the desire to smoke. By Praising Him, we’ve taken our minds off our troubles, and created memory for our Blessings. Satan knows Praise is THE CURE……therefore, he makes it very tiresome….very difficult…..very HARD….LOL, but it isn’t! I forget that Praise, is Prayer, and Prayer is Healing……oh…and it’s FREE…no MD bill or deductible THERE. Okay, gotta go. I have a hair appt that I’m looking forward to…Ronnie has a bit of a gray issue because of these bratty kids….sigh….these kids drive me nuts, but THANK YOU JESUS….for them….Ahhhh, it’s working already. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other . Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday…The Day the Lord hath Made…

Posted 7/30/15 at 11:28 AM | Veronica Philips

Understanding What Divides Us, Can Actually Unite US!

Merrill, on his way to Chicago, affirms that we are no longer on vacation……but I learned something about myself last week…..apparently, I can be just as happy at home, with my family, as I am on the beach roasting….go figure. See, Ima true introvert, married to a true extrovert. We have a son who “Extro’s” and a daughter who “Intro’s”….with another somewhere in the middle. I can’t tell if it’s irony, or some cruel twist of fate, but I’m judged more….get this…. on the actions in which I have no control…rather than the actions I do. I’ll expound.
As an Introvert, I live inside my head. It isn’t a bad thing, per se, it’s actually comfortable in there. People look SHOCKED when I tell them that I AM an introvert because their ideal of an introvert is someone who sits in the corner reading, or just sits in the corner. We don’t “really” do that. Actually, introverts are quite capable of carrying on conversations with real people, in real situations. It just TIRES us. People, at finding out I am an introvert, will feign surprise that I’m even out in public. Another misnomer. We are quite capable of ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living). I bathe, clean, cook, shop and sometimes, I even….never mind…introverts do DO stuff….we just hurry up and get it done…so we can get home and read our books and sit in the corner. Introverts are targets of bullies. Their quite demeanor (I’m not quite) makes them fodder for someone looking to puff out their chest. Trust me, you don’t want to fall for this illusion. I know MANY introverts, myself included, whom are very able to defend themselves, and handle any bully business that may arise….don’t mistake our quite for weakness…..!
When I’m quite, or when I politely decline an invitation, I am not being arrogant, snooty, stuck up, or haughty. I am simply wanting to be alone with my family. I am not judging the clothing you wear, the manner in which you speak, the hairstyle that makes you look old…oops….sorry……I am simply sitting back, and doing what I do best…..observing. If I walk out of a room, to go sit down by myself, I do so because I need to get away from the crowd…..truly, I’ve HAD ENOUGH. The only true difference between the “Verts” is how they recharge their batteries. Merrill feeds off the energy of others. He likes the invitations, the crowds, and the craziness of his very large family. I DON’T, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love them. I just prefer to stay at home; however, I can go with him and enjoy myself, I’m just like Cinderella, in that I must come home before midnight.
Well there you have it. I don’t like crowds, loud noises, high-energy situations, or spiders. Merrill drives me nuts the way he all parties, and accepts every invitation. In truth, we’ve learned to live with each other in that I’m okay with staying home with Duchess, while he and Sweetness goes cruising for chicks. I can EXTROVERT, but I really am at my best in my inner circle; which as another point, is hard to be in…with an introvert. Merrill is friends with hundreds.....I stopped accepting friend requests a long time ago……So, if you invite me to a movie, toga party, Comic Con…… anywhere there will there will be huge, copious amounts of people and I say, “No thank you”…..please don’t be harsh with me. It isn’t YOU….it’s ME….Okay, gotta go. I’m redecorating inside my head, and the new furniture is due to arrive today. There is a closet up there just FULL of bones. I have to clean it out. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.

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