Daily Affirmations
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Really? Bruce Jenner….Caitlin….was just named Women of the Year by Glamour Magazine and no one has a problem with this. Women I swear to you…one day…..I’ll make you see just how important we are to the evolution of this society. This world rotates on the axis of our judgments, discerning choices, successes and failures, and to chose a man, who was born with a penis…as the Woman of the Year for no other reason but because she was a reality star….is insulting to all the women who were true hero’s. This man is no more a hero than I am Ginger Grant, but here we sit, just like Nero, while the world burns, and we are okay with that…Really?

Yep, it’s judgmental, but I’m so tired of this society walking around on egg shells terrified of offending someone. Do 1/2 of us know what it’s like to truly walk around on egg shells? To be with someone so violent that the very squeak of a floor board in the middle of the night will earn a beating? What does Catlin know about being a woman? She’ll never know the gift of birth, the horror of the positive pregnancy test, the stress and guilt of standing outside a Planned Parenthood Clinic as we make the decision that will change our life. She’ll never know the fear of walking to our car, in the dark, in a Walmart parking lot, because as the weaker sex, we are an easy target. She’ll never know what it’s like to sit in a hospital room, curtains closed, gown up to the knees while a stranger takes samples because of the brutal rape that took place hours before. The shame of being labeled a whore, the stigma of sleeping with one man too many, the periods….the horrible menses that mocks us every month of our life, then when it doesn’t come, the hormones that makes us monsters. She’ll never freaking know the beauty of sex….the security of being with the man you love, the assurance that no matter how many stretch marks you have on your butt, this man is never going to judge you for your looks the way those outside the bedroom does….the heart to heart, soul to soul, mind to mind. The beauty of breast feeding……the connection of women to God. Knowing, understanding, cherishing the way we were created to be known, understood and cherished…..no…..she’s not a woman anymore than I have a penis, but go ahead….celebrate her…..because someone is too afraid to tell Glamour Magazine that THAT IS bullsh*t…..Catlin Jenner cheated on the test, and our gender….is going to excuse, embrace, and affirm her choices…..

There is a difference between being a role model and a celebrity. One we look up to, the other looks up to us. We’ve allowed that to get twisted. I once ran a 5k in which I drove up to the finish line, entered at the last meter, then won the race. Do you have a problem with that? You should. Good Lord why anyone would chose to be a woman with all the absolute crap we have to put up with on a daily basis. I have a nice rack, and I know this because I’m told it all the time…they never look me in the eye, as they tell me, hell they could care less about the fact that a real possibility exists that I am smarter than them…..I do adore being a girl. I love being a woman. I’m having a blast, but Catlin Jenner doesn’t have enough hair on her chest to be given awards for being a woman….and you….should be ANGRY. Okay, gotta go. We’re going to a party later, but first, I have to stop by the zoo. They’re giving a Primate of the Year award to a Cheetah. This…I gotta see. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.

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