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Relax. I Only Asked For The Salt....

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My Publicist tells me yesterday, “Oh, I don’t make people mad?”; which wasn’t her exact phraseology, but I post on another site, so I have to keep it clean now....I digress. “No you don’t, not like I do”, I countered…..without skipping a beat, she retorted, “Um, I’ve make PLENTY of people mad in this town, you have no idea what I’ve done”. Um, that may be WHY I’m not getting any work…..see when birds of a feather, flock together, it needs to be understood that there is only ONE person at a time, stepping on toes; otherwise, whose going to be the band aid supplier when people get hurt?
There are WAY too many Type A personalities in this town. There’s an old joke that when women get together they “sync”…I wonder what would happen if we all had a meeting, a convention of NOW personalities then set lose on the town? Honestly, I’d like to see that…bunch of strong opinionated women going around being bossy, and confident, telling people like it is, but in the end, if we’re all bossy, whose going to do the work….and THAT my friends, is the point of my status today.
I watched a man and a woman in a grocery store yesterday. The man asked his companion to reach for something, as he clearly did not want to get in her way. Her response was to tell him, “Get it yourself. I’m not here for your every beck and call” (NOTE: I cleaned it up a bit) I giggled at this, because all he wanted was some salt. Jiminy Cricket woman, he didn’t ask you to sex him up…he just wanted some minerals.
Listen ladies, I get that we’re all ticked off at Eve for being stupid, but seriously, there is nothing wrong, with being a partner in any relationship, be it married or friends. I have no problem exercising my gift as a servant to improve or better the life of another being on this earth. I get so aggravated to see others, in the Sisterhood, with their, “I dare you ” badge never realizing that it’s a strength, and BLESSING to put aside self, to further someone else. Does this mean that we need to bow down and let a man be the star? HECK NO….I’m the only star here (smile), but seriously, as much as I fight him, I KNOW that I am a partner with Merrill, and we work toward the same goal......to not kill each other, then the babies. Things are much easier, and more blessed when one has a team mate, a partner, a soul maker….not reaching for the salt, because you THINK it makes you look weak……DOES MAKE YOU LOOK WEAK……ahh the beautiful ironies of life. I was so tempted to push past her, and get the salt for him myself, but I didn’t have the time to fight….oh had I just an extra ten minutes…...
It is true that God called us to be with Adam, not behind Adam, not in front of Adam. It stresses my soul to think that some men believe that a woman submitting means a woman servant….that wasn’t the intent. Seriously, how many men have figured out that to force a woman to submit means he’ll never sleep again? We are equals, partners, joint heirs….salt or no….God calls us to Submit to EACH OTHER…so that we can accomplish His Will, on Earth, as it is in Heaven….Amen. Okay, gotta go. We may be equals, but ONE is more equal than another in this house, and I gotta get babies up, breakfast, school, then work myself…..his lazy butt is in bed….but it do it for them….and him…because I LOVE them….To Love IS to be BLESSED…YOU Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.

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