Daily Affirmations
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Some Willy Wonka Mess

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Just Another Day
It would appear that Merrill has Pharyngitis and Duchess has it's unwelcomed friend "The Cough". When the two get together, they make the music of the, "Long Night Lullaby". Mmm, I love that song!
If I seem a little touchy (you think?) it's because we're back to the good ole days of FINALS. The very fact that I let a series of test control my happiness says to me that I really, really care and I do. Not only do I need the grade to become Valedictorian (so that I can give the commencement speech in which I tell all DACC Admin to pound sand....can't wait), but also, for just a brief second in time and space, I held the elusive "A" of Math, in my hand. I caressed it, I held it, I loved it...and now I could lose it. My pride, will not allow me to eat pate and go back to bologna. I don't discount the reward of a "B", I've maintained several "B's" myself, but this one is different. It was MATH, and by golly, somehow, someway, I earned an "A". It's like being on the very vertex (-b/ac) of Utopia, looking out over creation and singing! It's like having Chocolate Milk time, when the kids are not home. Can you hear me now?
Duchess just awakened from a night of coughing, and it's time for Sweetness to arise. What's so very ironic, is that I have to get up earlier and earlier to have a few minutes alone. Pretty soon, I'll be up so early that the extra time could be used to take another class (I have 12 credit hours next semester- No Thank You). My point friends, is simply this, I've reach out and touched the face of perfection, and I achieved this amazing feat over the objections of my "self" who never even gave my "self" the credit to think that an "A" was possible for my "self". I've accomplished so much in my life and I swear to all things Good and Holy, if I can do it, there is so much promise in YOU. Believe in yourself, and amazing things, like an "A" in Advanced Mathematical Applications will happen. Giggle, that's some Willy Wonka mess right there, but it's true. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.

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