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Strangers On A Plane

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It had been 12yrs in the making, so with a smile, he finally agreed to his son's request to take him to work with him. Being an Engineer means getting up at 4am; which is no easy task for a 12yr old, but he did it like a Champ. As they ordered his 1st Right of Passage, and made their way to the station, he realized that it may just be fun, to have his son spend the day with him. 6am is shift change, so he asked his son to go sit down, while he reviewed the notes from the night before. "Can I go outside Dad and look at the river?". "Sure, but stay close. Train will be by soon". He answered. It wasn't until 1st warning signal that he remembered his son was still outside....it wasn't until the final approach....that he realized where he was....Strangers on a train....sometimes what we don't know...is heartbreaking.

As his son struggled helplessly on the tracks, the father knew that if he didn't pull the lever, 200+ people, strangers on a train, were going to perish. If he did pull the lever, his son, his only begotten son; with whom he was so well pleased, was going to die. His son had done nothing wrong, the passengers never realized they were in need of saving....He, the Engineer, held the balance of life and death in his hand.....Sigh....As the train made it's way over the bridge, he had to turn his face....they would NEVER KNOW, COULD NEVER know.....the sacrifice that had been made to save their life that day....or would they?

He kept the clippings, he heard the talk. The articles mocking him, the jokes judging him, "We didn't ASK him to die for us" they jeered, and sneered....."I would have NEVER done that".....it's easy to mock what we don't understand, but there were those, upon realizing the sacrifice made to save them, received their 2nd chance and changed their life. As we celebrate Good Friday, the Day Christ Died, let us do so with the reverence of knowing, that while we were still just strangers on a train, He sacrificed His Son...to save us. Often we look at Easter from the Son's Perspective, but how much more painful must it have been, to be The Father...? The choice could have been much different....we could have perished. Let us rejoice in knowing that our life was worthy....worthy enough for a King to die. Thank you Father....I'm trying to make the best, of my 2nd chance....Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy Good Friday....let us remember that while we were still sinners....Christ died....for us. Amen.

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