Daily Affirmations
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Thank You

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He's a Vet. i know how to thank him.

I’ve grown up around Vets all my life. The man who would donate the sperm that led to my creation was a vet, and the father of my babies, all three of them, was a vet. I’ve “known” a few in between, just saying. VETS are my only way of life, so my verbiage isn’t going to be the same as those who’ve never been around an Army base…I’ve loved, kissed, drank and mated with Vets…so Ima keep it real folks, and if I offend you, well that’s just my way of thanking a Vet.

From the fresh-faced little boys, (the Baby GI’s as I call them at Ft. Wood), to the hardened battle scarred (Tops at Benning) Vet, I thank thee. If we were back in Prim, the old stomping grounds for many of the ones I KNOW today, I’d buy you a beer at the Zum Heirch, or the HardRock Cafe…maybe the Round up. If I were 17 again, and had no idea just how Effed Up the real world was with wars, rumors of wars, the battles that take place in the damaged mind, …I would hug you, maybe kiss you, and tell you God’s Speed, to be Safe. For in that day and that hour, we had no idea that the 1st Persian Gulf war was upon us did we? I really didn’t understand “yet”, that the idiots 1000 miles away were the real bad guys…..but we’ll discuss that another day.

If we were at Benning, and I was in my 20’s, I would take you to Al Who’s, or the Chickasaw and buy you a Jager shot. Still young, dumb and full of piss and vinegar….we didn’t heed the warning of the older men, the ones who BEEN to war and back, we didn’t realize that in their warnings were words of love, praise , admiration….for they KNEW what you were about to encounter in the Middle East. “Sure Top” you’d say”….”But this isn’t Vietnam…We’ll kick some Ranger ass for you, and we’ll be right back”……some of you never made it back and if you did….your mind did not….SIGH. The 1st Persian Gulf, the 2nd Persian Gulf, Panama, Somalia, Afganistan…..you gotta wonder…..

Now I’m in my 40’s as are many of you, and we’re past the days where a beer would make all the boo boo’s of life go away, but I still Thank you. Without you, I couldn’t debate a red cup, whom to boycott, lying Congressman, or who shot Jr. Without you, I wouldn’t be living in a country where I can say, “Would you all just STFU and live your LIFE?”. Without you, I wouldn’t have the beautiful babies I do (Thank you Doll and that other guy too….I guess). To our Vets, the baby GI’s at Benning and Wood, our Nation’s gate keepers, the founders and fighters of all we find holy and pure in this world…..I thank you, and I thank you because I’ve been with you all for so many years. I’ve seen your pain, and I’ve seen your joy. May you find Joy in your life today…as I set out to offend as many people as I can….I do it…in honor of you. Somehow I find this appropriate right now, “This is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for fighting,…….”Finish it for me. Thank you. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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