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The Debate (Part 1 of 1,000)

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Say What?
Veronica Philips
My face when some personally attacks me in a private message!
Dave Ramsey is a hero around here, but he wasn’t at first. Funny how when the WOMAN gets on board, things tend to run a little smoother. I digress. I listen to his show daily, and when I can’t listen to it on live radio, I listen to his podcast. Two weeks ago, I actually got to talk to him…. Damn. I digressed again. Dave had a caller who wanted to know what to do about her current employment and housing situation. After some background, she revealed that she had been fired from two jobs (the boss hated her), she’s having issues with her Landlords, and she has a car worth 75% of her take home pay. Dave is a kind, but honest man. Finally, in an act of LOVE he told her, “Sweetheart I don’t think the problem is them…it’s YOU”….Friends, get on….
I respect anyone that steps to, and disagrees with me. What I can’t tolerate is the private messages I get after publically posting something on social media. It’s funny really that everyone has safe haven to post their thoughts on my page, but there is always the one little jerk that feels like they need to go and hit below the belt. I almost never write a post specifically about “someone” but I will today, because I’m tired of it. My skin may be thick but my patience is not. I don’t like Fiorina. Doesn’t mean I’m betraying my sex….I love sex….it just means that I’m not willing to accept just any female so that I can prove the “Girls rule, boy drool” rule. I would have clapped for her had she just said, “I screwed up, lets move on”, but it appears we have a team of politicians, Clinton included, who just want to use excuse after excuse, then will become contrite ONLY after all other options have failed them….Trump is a TROLL…she took it personally….I’m starting to see her issue. Sweetheart, I don’t think the problem is them….it’s YOU.
We live in a society where virtual fisticuffs take place in the form of private messages, with the initiator hitting…then running. You do know I can see that you received, then read the messages right? If my opinion on an issue isn’t appreciated…you do have the right to remain silent and move on. Love that about this country. I refuse to allow the upcoming elections to divide US the way the last election divided US. A friend posted on her status yesterday, “I will not debate this” and I think I’ll do that too…the only problem with that is it’s an invitation to debate…LOL…can’t win. Just so we’re clear, 1. I DO NOT like Fiorina. Does it mean I’m a Trump lover? No… 2. I don’t like women who whine that men hate her. 3. Debate me all you want., but the minute it turns personal, or goes private, you’re deleted. 4. I’m not betraying my sex (I love sex) suck it and 5. Can’t we just remain civil…..? Okay gotta go. I just found out that The Rock and his girlfriend are expecting….I need to send them a card…..where do I find a “Congrats, but not really” card? Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.

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