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The Rules of Engagement

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Is It Fair, or Nothing Personal....

Right before working out this morning, I informed Merrill (with some amusement) that a little bitty insurgence group had claimed responsibility for downing the Russian airliner over the Sinai Peninsula. I don't find the incident humorous or amusing in any regard, what I do find amusing is that an insurgence group, with practically no hair on their chest, thought to step to Russia. Merrill, in typical fashion, responded, "Um yes, Russia doesn't follow the same Rules of Engagement that we do" and he let it drop at that. I understood. The Rules of Engagement, the Socio accepted Standard of Interactions, break the ROE and there are no winners.....

I think what makes me the saddest in all this is the picture of the 10 month old Toddler, posted as her family waited for the plane to board. If it is found that an insurgency group downed the plane, I can't say that I'll have much sympathy for the party responsible, but what about the innocents? See, far too often, our (I'm talking to you Christians) actions have consequences on those who least deserve it as well. I violated the Rules of Engagement, with the Little Brother at Enterprise. My ire was due to an interaction with another Agent several months ago. I took my lbs of flesh out on him....I misused the gift given to me for missions work.....I'm no Russia but when I'm in "that" zone I also have a take no prisoners attitude....damn I HATE it....when I screw up.

Okay, so I failed. I failed! I failed! I failed! I, did not follow the ROE, but I can make it right. After 911, another tiny insurgent group (aka Terrorist) also claimed responsibility for the Twin Towers. Almost immediately, a mea culpa was put out stating, "Hell NO! We didn't do that!". At least they knew the consequences. WE don't even consider our own collateral damage when we engage The World. Jesus, believe it or not, set forth a system of rules, NOT suggestions, for our ROE, one of the biggest rules being the "Wiping of the Feet". In no regard, did He want us, getting into a urination battle with our fellow man. Now, don't let me preach to the choir, instead allow my example, be an example unto you, to NOT do, what I did. Russia is probably going to come in, and just wipe out every man, woman and child.....innocents will be killed with the guilty. Funny how I can judge that on the world stage, but I find it completely acceptable on MY stage. I am a hypocrite. Okay. Enough self-depreciation....The Biblical Rules of Engagement.....the standards set, by Christ Himself. As a digression, He is going to make Russia look like Tobago when He comes back....that's the collateral damage we seek to prevent.....get it now? Hmm. Gotta go. I see the Guardian outside....ironically enough, he doesn't follow the ROE either.....and we know what happened to him don't we? Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.

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