Daily Affirmations
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Today I'm 45...Happy Birthday To Me.

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I don't feel 45 when I have him....

I have an amazing support system. People, strangers, friends and a few foes, are comfortable enough to walk up to me and start a conversation. Friends post interesting tid bits of video’s, stories, quotes, and spider meme’s (pronounced Memes) LARGE Spider Meme’s, on my page. Well wishers of all ages, back grounds, and varying degrees of gifts will throw things out at me with the note, “Thinking of you”. Strangers, whom I’ve never met me save through Social Media, will “like” my statuses, share my thoughts, retweet my Twitter, Favor an opinion.
I have a husband that most women only dream about. When we were little girls, and we put the pillowcases on our heads, grabbed the flowers out of the yard, and pretended we were walking down the isle to meet our Prince Charming…Merrill…is the one of whom we dreamed. I’ve been told, and reminded, more than once…more than once….that if I ever don’t want him, or if HE feels that he’s not receiving the respect he deserves…to just walk or send him, across the street….LOL a Little Sister reminded me yesterday that there are those who still very much desire him….gotta watch those Little Sister….Sneaky…..I KNOW what I have and I’m keeping it, thank you very much, but I’ll let you know…promise.
I have children that keep me laughing daily. In good relative health, we work on the issues that exists and pray for that in which we have no control. There are many nights I just watch them while they sleep…the gaze of a mother who realizes that certain prerogatives still belong to The Lord….He said “Yes”….God is good, and my babies are beautiful…..Amen.
I have EVERYTHING I ever wanted. I have the man, the children, the job, the house, the car, the pets, the friends…the hundreds and hundreds of friends…..and today I’m 45….I feel better, look better, I AM better, stronger, and HAPPIER than I’ve ever been in my entire life….and the irony of all this is that I’d never have any of it, if I had succeeded many years ago, when at the age of 17….I tried to end it all…and just go away.
The not-so-funny joke at my age is, “Doncha wish you could be 18 again?” and my response is HELL NO, but then I think about it….”Can I be 18, and keep my 45 year old brain?”. I see all the Little Sisters at The Pool, in public, on Social Media, trying to navigate their way through the narrow streets of life…just like I did, and I just want to reach out…and take over, but I can’t because Life is about experience. Suicide isn’t a solution, it’s a thief. It robs the future generations of Light, the present generation of joy…..Life is living and learning…..and winning…..Life is Beautiful….and I know this because I’m here and not gone…get it? If you’re considering making the one mistake in which there is no recovery, I mean it is PERMANENT, reach out and take the hand extended to you….We’re not going to judge you, I promise.
Okay, gotta go. I’m enjoying my coffee, and thanking all the well wishers. In 10 minutes, I’ll awaken my son, with whom I am well pleased. This is gonna be a GREAT DAY. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy my Birthday. Please.

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