Daily Affirmations
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We DID Start The Fire

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Ah 17. I had the whole world ahead of me....
At The Kiddie Pool yesterday, A little brother call me an NCIS Den Mother. At the start of the semester our teacher split us up into groups and we were to chose a team name. I asked, "What do you guys watch most?" because if we went with my shows, the names choices would be Pokemon or Dora. Team NCIS was born (never watch it). We are a relatively close group of people, with me, of course, being the oldest. We help each other, and leave no man behind. Den Mother? Well, I am a mommy after all, but it doesn't make me a Mrs. Garrett. Sigh...I was a Little Sister Once.

The Facts of Our Life in the 80's saw the birth of Alf, Madonna, Radio Raheem, and Salt N Peppa. We are the only ones who know what Mtv was like as Mtv. Valley Girl was a best selling book, Fast Times at Ridgmont High glorified some disgusting things, and we saw the death of The Last American Virgin. To us, Arnold was just an actor, albeit a bad one. I'll be Back, Totally, Gag Me With a Spoon, Dude, Awesome, and my personal favorite, "That was FRESH" was the popular pop culture vernacular. Our Will Smith, was Fresh and he DID NOT fight aliens, he fought Uncle Phil. I see with some amusement that the High Top Converse I wore in HS are back in style, and lemme grab back out my 80's "destroyed" (that's today's code for holey jeans) made famous by the aforementioned female rap group. We Were The World, We discovered Fame, Our Duke Boys were not raciest, but FINE AS HELL, We were the thinkers, dreamers, movers and shakers in society, and chances are if you're reading this as a Little Sister, your mother went to school with me (not REALLY. I was a BRAT). Anything you do, say, watch or learn today, we wrote the book on, and are now teaching the class...we know you, because we WERE you....tread lightly.

We did not sass our teachers, parents or neighbors because if we did sass our teachers, parents and neighbors they'd WHOOP OUR ASS! Pull some, "I'm calling DCFS" mess with them, and they'd give you cab fare. We created the "lock in's, we made skirt chasing legal in school, we are the ones who fought for the social injustice against you NOT having the right to party, and frankly, WE discovered Rap....the tricked out, "real", social commentary that no longer stands for the perils of society, but the obscene amount of money a no-talent hack can make, by just rhyming...We fought AIDS, We Started the Fire, We defined exactly what Friends were For, and WE KILLED Disco. We respected the police....it wasn't until much later that we F'd the police (NWA). Ice Tea was an OG, Ice Cube was an OG....the posers we have today, owe it all to the Sugar Hill gang (I say the hip hop....).....we defined irony, we created irony......Den Mother? I'll take it....thank you very much, but I'm still NOT a Ms. Garrett, and if you don't know who that is....look it up. Okay, gotta go. The babies aren't up yet, and I have the 1st season of Rosanne on DVD. Yoy know, I believe she's going to be a great star one day....Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Throw Back Thursday.

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