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Well, Are You a Woman, or a Mouse?

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The Juggling of Life
Veronica Philips
Recognizing the Pitfalls for what they are, is the key.
While taking Princess home yesterday, we discussed a Modern Day Aesop’s Tale. It’s the story of a mouse, which found herself caught in an urn of milk. With the immediate risk of death at hand, the mouse has two choices. She can give up her fight and drown, or…
It’s maddening to look around and see so many people have so many things handed to them, but do they really? A closer look reveals the stress lines, the knitted brow, and the permanent frown. The one thing our parents didn’t teach us, and I really was remiss in this myself, is that this journey becomes much harder, the closer we get to victory. I don’t agree with a new method of detox for drug abusers. They put the patient in a coma, then allow the process to take effect, while asleep. There’s no pain in that! The late night studies, the colicky babies, the living paycheck to paycheck, the job search, weight loss…all of it……becomes rockier, bumpier, more twisted and TURNEY, the closer we are to our success. You really didn’t think that success was going to be handed to you did you? There’s no fun, or reward in a victory we didn’t earn. Princess, is in the hour before dawn, when it’s the darkest. She’s going to be okay because she’s MINE….and because life taught her, what I could not. The pitfalls are nothing more than a façade. The irony is that she is NOT one step closer to failure, but on step closer to WINNING. I can advise her, but the path is hers alone. She’s smart….she’ll get it. So how does the mouse get out of the milk? She paddles…and paddles….and paddles…until it becomes butter….then she walks out like a BOSS. You too can struggle, and walk out like a BOSS…..if you just see through the illusion. You are closer to victory than you think….oh, and I’m right here....at the rim…waiting. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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