Daily Affirmations
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Yeah.....that SUCKED.

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I'm So Blessed To Still Have Her

We don’t really joke about it, because that would be crude (and wrong), but sometimes, we pull a Chris Farley and say, “Hey, remember that day you screamed SEIZURE, and I thought you said SPIDER, and I told you I’d be right there?” Yeah, that SUCKED! He’s right….It did SUCK. Another crude one, “Remember when were were in the hospital on my 40th birthday?” Yeah, that SUCKED. He’s right….It did SUCK. Finally, “Remember when our baby girl had to have an MRI, and they put her to sleep with the gas, and you told the technician to bring her back, because she looked dead on the gurney and you couldn’t take it?” Yeah, that SUCKED. He’s right….It did SUCK…..but in all things Graceful….THIS DID PASS. Thank you Jesus.

My baby girl, the up and coming leader of the Walkers, couldn’t have a simple virus…..no…she had to have a misfiring of her brain waves. We witnessed the misfirings as “IT” held her captive on the floor, with a mommy, an EMT no less, who could do NOTHING to save her. I wish it had been an intruder, jay walker, zombie, or Jason, because then, I could have made him STOP. The Final Seizure, the Last Act to a Crap Play, took her a full 5 minutes to work through. The irony is that she was in the EEG lab at the hospital at the time. The second irony is that the ER RN’s could do nothing, but watch her die with us. Yeah….that SUCKED.

This Too Did Pass! About 6 months ago, I stopped checking the crib every hour. I stopped snapping my fingers in her face if she took too long to stare at something. LOL, she got soooo annoyed when I did that. I stopped calling the MD every freaking time she vomited. I’m still on alert, but I’m not on double secret alert, meaning, I can breath. She didn’t come out of it worse for wear did she? This child is the Tasmanian Devil. She’s smart, fast, funny, and frankly, ME. She’s ME; which means friends, she’s a fighter…and a lover….but mostly a fighter. Would it be inappropriate to tell you how we spent Merrill’s 40th birthday? Probably. After all, this is a somber status…but that part didn’t suck…just saying….My God is soooooo Good. My life doesn’t suck so much any more. Thank you Jesus. Hey, remember that time, that Duchesses bit Sweetness on the inside of this thigh because he teased her? Yeah….sucked for him…..but we could have lost her two years ago so……I’m not mad. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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