Date Responsibly
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Kevin Carr

A Dating Professional with over 10 years of experience in teaching, mentoring and surveying countless singles. Kevin Offers practical advice for singles so that they are able to make responsible choices when dating. He is an Author, Speaker and Contributor to Essence Magazine.

Posted 5/5/15 at 10:49 AM | Kevin Carr

The Benefits & Responsibilities of The Single Man

Let me get right to it and just say that everything that I have learned about what it means to be a single man was wrong. I recognize that is a very bold statement, but it doesn't make it less true. As I’ve grown over the years I have realized that whether it be the images promoted via pop culture, the messaging coming from the pulpit or even the conversations that i’ve had with my own father, very little of it if any promoted a healthy and accurate outlook on life as a single man. So as I sit and write this to you, my fellow single brothers know that in more ways than one we’re the same. Many of us want the same things, have the same desires and good or bad have accrued the same habits. Contrary to popular belief what we do now matters; the lives with live, the choices we make and relationships we cultivate all will have an impact for years and in some cases generations to come. Being single isn’t about anything else except for the purpose that we’ve devoted ourselves to, the foundations that we are working to lay and the lives that we have chosen to build. FULL POST