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Keeping God in Your New Home Purchase

Mon, May. 08, 2017 Posted: 05:29 AM

The Christian life is enhanced by one surety; that God is a part of every single decision we make. Purchasing a new home is no exception, and like many of the other big decisions you’ve made like finding a spouse or having children, this one is high on the importance list. Are there ways you can include God in this crucial, life changing decision? Of course there are!

- Prayer
The first step is of course praying about this decision. Pray not only that God will help you find the right house at the right price, but that He will help you find an honest rental agent too.There are honest, hardworking agents out there, and these real estate agents can beGod’s instrument in getting you the house of your dreams. This is not simply a spur of the moment prayer, but a pre-emptive ritual of including your decision to buy a house in your daily prayers.

- Open Doors and Closed Doors
Part of your prayer should be that God will open the right doors and close the wrong ones. This is a powerful prayer because it’s a way of saying, “Your will be done.” You will feel a great peace when you pray this way because even though you may find a home that looks good at first, if the deal falls through you can assume that God is at work—and that something better is on the horizon.

- Financial Stewardship
One of the themes in the Bible is that of stewardship. God is our provider and therefore expects us to manage that provision wisely. A great way to glorify God in buying a home is by making wise decisions with your money. Honoring God means using your money to purchase the right house for the right reasons.

- Family Unity
This decision should be made as a family, because it affects everyone in your home. The praying should be done as a family, the decisions should collectively discussed and the motives for buying the property must be for the benefit of the family as a whole. Have you sat down with your family about this decision before making it? Are you viewing houses as a family unit and discussing options together? Your children will have a say in your property purchasing decision, so ask them for their opinions and talk to them seriously about the purchase.

- Verses That Promise Blessing
Buying a home is a blessing that should not be taken lightly. If you are in a position to buy a house, you are more fortunate than most people. Give God recognition for your blessings by quoting scriptures pertaining to prosperity blessings. Here are a few:
- Deutonomy 28:8
- Proverbs 12:11
- 3John 1:2
- Psalms 1:3

- Honest Dealings
In all that you do, make sure you represent God. When it comes to full disclosure about your property (if you’re selling), do so honestly. When it comes to dealing with your real estate agent, be a good representative of Christ. Being honorable when dealing with people will honor God and He will favor you for it.

Lakshya James