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Inherent and Obvious Misogyny: Abortion Enslaves Women to Men's Carnal Lusts

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Most of the source material which I cite was taken from Twitchy. This includes pictures. I have edited the Kirsten Powers twitter confrontation for quicker citation purposes, but you can read the whole thing here. Also, this article has references to female reproductive organs. All the feminists are obsessed with their sex organs to the point of enslavement, so it becomes subject to discussion. Some things might be offensive. Actually, all of it might be offensive, but I encourage you to read it because this is an important subject concerning women and because we need to understand what we are dealing with. Oh, and this includes one spoiler for the movie Courageous.
Edit: One commenter wanted to know if liberal women actually obsess over their body parts, so I added more pictures from Twitchy, which I have cropped for quicker citation purposes and to adhere to the Christian Post blog policy. I could post a link to an earlier article, but I do not have time before work. There had been some more Twitter comments on Twitchy, but I cannot find those anymore, so I posted pictures instead.
In the middle of June, the Texas House passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act also known as HR 1197. Representative Jodie Laubenberg and Senator Glenn Hegar authored the bill. “This bill will ensure that women are given the highest standard of health care in a very vulnerable time in their life,” said Jodie Laubenberg.
Representative Kevin Brady sponsored the bill. The bill bans abortions after 20 weeks when the pre-born child becomes capable of feeling pain. This naturally caused a great deal of backlash. This local Texas article sums up the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act better than I can.

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act recognizes the improvements in medical science that have helped babies born at 24-26 weeks, weighing less than a pound, survive and thrive. It also includes protections for mothers facing life threatening situations.
“Whether you are pro-choice or strongly pro-life, as I am, Americans should be able to find common ground that abortion is no longer an option in a civilized nation like ours when babies can live outside the mother’s womb or experience excruciating pain,” said [Representative Kevin] Brady.
“The law should catch up with scientific knowledge on fetal pain and scientific breakthroughs that save the lives of babies born prematurely at younger and younger ages.”
When babies undergo surgery in their mother’s womb, anesthesia is used to prevent the baby’s pain, added Brady, who noted medical science has shown that unborn babies react to stimulus as early as two months into a pregnancy and can feel pain before the fourth month.

Feminist Wendy Davis filibustered the session and delayed the passage of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Wendy Davis supports women aborting their children, even though she never aborted any babies herself, nor was she an aborted baby. If abortion is supposed to improve a woman's life, then how did she become so successful even though she never had an abortion?
Rick Perry summed Wendy Davis up rather well:

That even though Wendy Davis joined the ranks of feminists who chant "vagina," her own life story could be a positive example to inspire women in the pro-life cause. Instead, by focusing on abortion for unplanned pregnancies, she hates her own firstborn daughter who would have been aborted if it had been legal at the time. By claiming falsely that abortion benefits women, she despises her own life story of success and triumph, which came through hard work and determination - all without an abortion. By obsessing over her own vagina, she forgets what actually helped her to succeed and reduces her own worth to a sexual organ.
What follows from the pro-choice crowd is the typical obsession of their vaginas. One pro-choicer wrote a poem titled "If my vagina was a gun," People began to wear vagina backpacks and vagina clothing, anything with a vagina logo. Pictures are throughout Twitchy.

Why is it that every time a pro-life individual makes a comment or offers legislation to protect the pre-born children, the feminists shout "stay out of my vagina!" That boggles my mind. I mean, babies do not develop in the vagina. Babies develop within the uterus. The vagina leads into the uterus, but the uterus is the place where babies develop.

And anyway, feminists act as though this bill is about men controlling a woman's body. No one is forcing them to use their reproductive system. No one is forcing them to use their vagina. No one is forcing them to have sex. The decision to engage in the reproductive act remains entirely the woman's decision to make.
But here is the thing: the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is all about protecting children after sex has occurred - of the woman's own free will choosing to have sex - and has reached a certain level within the pregnancy. This bill has everything to do with babies.
A commenter wants to know whether liberal women actually think this is all about their vaginas, so I am adding some more pictures from Twitchy for verification. Actually, as I downloaded these pictures and read the Twitchy articles again, I realized that more parents than I thought had encouraged their little children to protest with them in favor of abortion. Pictures have been cropped for quicker citation purposes and to adhere to the Christian Post blog policy.

Why is it that every time a pro-life individual expresses love and concern for the pre-born, the feminists somehow think this is all about their vaginas? Do the feminists not realize this is all about the babies growing within the uterus? Do the feminists think baby=vagina as if women hold a newborn and introduce the newborn as "my vagina"?
That is absurd, disgusting, banally ridiculous, and just plain stupid nonsense.
So, why is it that when people want to discuss growing and developing pre-born babies, the feminists start screaming and chanting vaginas? Why is it that whenever we, my readers, say "baby," the pro-choicers say "vagina"?
Pro-choicers and bro-choicers consider aborting a baby heroic. Consider the actions of Douglas Karpen, the Texas Abortionist who pulled out live babies, twisted their necks, or sometimes stuck a sharp object inside the woman to remove the baby piece-by-piece. Douglas Karpen is considered the Kermit Gosnell of Texas. Bro-choice is the new term for men who want women to have abortions.
Here are reasons why bro-choice men want women to have abortions:

Your freedom to choose is at stake, too. While it is ultimately a woman's choice whether to have an abortion, many women choose to make that decision with the man involved. Do you want that decision ready-made for you by politicians in state government? Not if you value freedom, you don't.
You want to decide when and if to have kids. This bill will force thousands of Texas men into unplanned fatherhood by making it impossible for women to access an abortion in the event of an unplanned pregnancy. Even if you want to have kids, you probably don't want an accident to make you a father before you're psychologically ready and able to care for a child. If you don't want kids, you don't want the narrow, personal views of politicians in the state government to force you to have them.
Your sex life is at stake. Can you think of anything that kills the vibe faster than a woman fearing a back-alley abortion? Making abortion essentially inaccessible in Texas will add an anxiety to sex that will drastically undercut its joys. And don't be surprised if casual sex outside of relationships becomes far more difficult to come by.
It's clear: if the Legislature basically takes away a Texas woman's right to choose, having sex becomes a much, much riskier proposition for women and men.

In other words, banning abortions after 20 weeks would restrict the freedom of men. Men might not want to be fathers, so the woman better be able to abort. And also, banning abortions after 20 weeks would ruin their sex lives! It would damage casual sex! This means less women available for the men to use! Less women for the men to satisfy their carnal lusts with!
Are women, then, just the playthings of men? Are women playthings because men get to co-decide a woman's abortion? Are women playthings because men might not want to be fathers or just want to have as much casual sex as they can get? Is this why mainstream women now pride themselves on being sluts and hookers? Do liberal, feminist women pride themselves on being enslaved to men's carnal lusts?
And if the men become fathers, then they would need to take responsibility for their actions.
If women do not abort their babies of their own free will, then the unplanned fathers would abort the babies for them.
28-year-old John Weldon deceived his pregnant girlfriend into taking abortion drugs by disguising them with an antibiotic label. The baby was aborted. Weldon like all bro-choicers wanted his freedom from responsibility, wanted to choose whether the baby lived or died, did not want to be a father, and just wanted to have as much casual sex as possible.
Daniel Haas promised his girlfriend money to abort their baby because he did not want to be a father, wanted to enjoy casual sex without responsibility. Does aborting babies make men heroes?
If anyone has seen the movie Courageous, the rookie cop started out this way. Later in the movie, he revealed that while in college, he had a sexual relationship with a cheerleader, but when she became pregnant, he refused to take responsibility and refused fatherhood. All he did was offer her money for an abortion, and when she refused to abort, he abandoned her because fatherhood was not what he wanted.
Quite a lot of men are this way today. I know because I have had conversations with these types of men before. these bro-choicers acknowledge all they want is sex and when the woman becomes pregnant, they offer money for the abortion and think killing the child is heroic.
How exactly does abortion benefit women when it makes them the cheap playthings of men? How exactly is abortion heroic when it slices apart babies or when men trick their women into aborting the child? How exactly is abortion heroic when it leads to the usage and discarding of women and children?

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