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Anti-Puritan Christian Music

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Tuesday May 7th, I started working on the research for my next major project. This new one will be much more expensive and time-consuming than the first one. Right now, I am halfway through Augustine's book on the Trinity. Offhand, I give this new project seven years to complete. Anyway, I checked my blog for the night. Lo and behold, Dissy commented on my celibacy and chastity article.



This article is listed in the Most Popular column and it has 0 comments. Here's one for you Kae Am. I'm so glad that Puritans do not have sway over our laws

I definitely agree with that comment. The Puritans never understood how to have fun, and they seem to be anti-fun. There is one worship song titled "Hallelu et Adonai" that I have nicknamed the anti-Puritan song. I will share some anti-Puritan songs and some anti-Puritan comments in just a moment. Even some explicitly anti-Puritan music videos!

The Puritans lasted roughly a century. Maybe a century and a half. When the Puritans immigrated to America, they established their own independent colony with their own laws and government. It was a community of complete isolation and exclusionism. When Quakers came to preach, the Puritans tortured and expelled the Quakers. I think atheists might have a lot in common with the Puritans. When the Puritans discovered their own guilty paranoia in the Salem witch trials, their own sin of paranoia brought a sharp jolt to their isolated community. And we also know that atheists and secularists are deeply paranoid of certain groups today.

The Puritans began to decline. By the 1700s, they were pretty much gone. And they were certainly gone by the 1800s. The establishment of the independent country United States of America did not lend itself well to the remaining Puritan existence.

Now, here is the anti-Puritan song with its very explicit anti-Puritan music video.


Here is another anti-Puritan song with its anti-Puritan music video. Let's have fun with our religion, shall we?

And also, has anyone listened to both Third Day and Travis Tritt? When I first heard Third Day's lead singer with the Children of God song, I thought he sounded exactly like Travis Tritt! And the lead singer of Third Day also sang the part of Jesus in the CD The Story. Now, try to imagine Travis Tritt playing the part of Jesus. That is just freaky bizarre...

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