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Cosmo Disdains Childhood Innocence

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Cosmopolitan did it again at Walmart in an attempt to be more vulgar. The cover is of a young woman. I honestly do not know if the woman is Miley Cyrus or not, but Miley is mentioned in one of the headlines on the cover. The headline indicates she is Miley, though. Regardless, the picture on the front cover is offensive enough and deserves a protest regardless of who the woman is.

On the front cover, there is a young woman starting to open her jacket front and center for all to see her breasts. All her cleavage and parts of her breasts are showing. A college student was getting ready to buy this at Walmart, so she tossed it on the counter at the express lane. Behind her was a mother with a son nine or so years old. The woman's son was gazing at the stripping magazine right in front of him. Apparently, that mother with her son complained because they left, and a moment later all the Cosmo magazines from that check-out aisle were removed.

Beside the woman on the Cosmo cover was a big headline for all to see, "It's Miley, B*****" except the cover itself has just one * for the i. That indicates the woman on the cover is Miley Cyrus, but I simply do not know. From the headline alone, here we have a magazine gloating in the loss of sexual innocence and gloating in the sexualization of a child actor and singer whose target audience centered on little kids. Is this culture really so eager and excited to exploit children? This culture hates the innocence and purity of childhood so much that people cannot wait and anticipate when they can finally unleash their sexualization upon child role models to objectify and to sexualize them according to their exploitative desires. And this in turn teaches children that the goal of adulthood - what they are to become and look forward to - is a raunchy sex romp.

Now, there are three ways to contact Cosmopolitan to protest. I want to note that we appear to have made some impact. When Cosmo published this new magazine, the cuss word did have an asterisk. But, this is going to be a long issue ahead of us. I also recommend becoming involved with One Million Moms, and there is women's group The New Agenda. One more thing before the protest information. Going to your local Walmart as this mother did who I mentioned, and informing the management of this problem appears to be more effective in removing the Cosmopolitan magazines. If you just go and talk politely with concern, they will listen attentively. Please, feel free to bring the subject up with One Million Moms, The New Agenda, and your local Walmart.

Now, for you to protest Cosmopolitan directly.

First is a direct letter:


Editorial Offices

300 West 57th St.

38th Floor

New York, NY 10019

And also to here:


Customer Service

P.O. Box 6000

Harlan, IA 51593

One is through this email: cosmo@hearst.com

And another is through this online form: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/contribute/magazine/appear-in/this-months-issue

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