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Athlete Lolo Jones Deserves Respect

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From Aretha Franklin to slavery. Aretha Franklin sang a song titled "Respect" and the lyrics go: "R-E-S-P-E-C-T. See what it means to me." A mere four decades later, Britney Spears sang "I'm a slave for you." In the first song, respect refers to honoring a woman's body, her intelligence, and her independence. If the man did not respect her, then she would walk out on him and abandon the relationship. In the second song, the woman has no self-control and no free will because she is a slave to a man. So, the women who enjoyed Aretha Franklin song cheered, "Yes, we demand respect from our men!" while the women who enjoyed the Britney Spears song cheered, "Yes, we want to be the slaves of men!"

And slaves do not receive respect. The bodies are not respected. Their independence is not respected. Their intelligence is not respected. Virgins certainly do not receive any respect.

An athlete training for the 2012 summer Olympics, Lolo Jones admitted that she is a virgin and that she wants her virginity to be a gift for her husband. While this would have once been automatically presumed as matter-of-fact, virginity is now a shocking source of controversy. The track star stated that when men learned she was a virgin, "it’s not cute. You get judged a lot, a lot of guys won’t return your calls after they find out.”

So, all the men wanted was sex. These men did not care about her intelligence, her talents, or her individual soul. All they wanted was sex. And in today's hook-up culture, of course, they expected free sex without commitment as matter-of-fact.

Now, some of the false feminists might decry her virginity and exclaim, "Lolo, where is your empowerment and freedom? Why are you confining yourself to a patriarchal standard? Doesn't feminism mean that you do not need to confine yourself to one man?"

So, do the false feminists want her to have sex with as many men as possible? Even if those men clearly care nothing for her soul and only want the sex? The notion of having sex with multiple men as liberating is a concept that misleads and damages women. It has resulted in men anticipating free sex from every woman without commitment. It has resulted in men valuing the sex and disregarding woman's individual soul. When men think she exists to satisfy him sexually, they consider the woman a prostitute. Easy to understand why we now have Lady Gaga singing "I wanna be your hooker."

These false feminists need to understand that track star Lolo Jones is empowering herself. Lolo is genuinely empowered and liberated because she refuses to give her body to men who want to use her. By refusing to give every man her body, she maintains full control and authority over her body. Lolo wants men to give her genuine respect as an individual human being.

Chastity and celibacy are the ultimate forms of empowerment and freedom. Men cannot respect a woman's individuality when they expect and anticipate free sex from every woman they date. When sex is removed from the relationship, the individual souls remain. When men cannot receive free sex, then they must pay attention to who the woman is as an individual. Then, men must respect her individuality and honor her soul. Chastity and celibacy demand genuine respect.

Side note: there is a new magazine of "First for Women" This has a picture of a man named Dr. Oz. Well, he is dressed is a business suit. So, why do women wear undergarments on the magazine cover while men are very much fully-clothed? Why does the magazine not show any women in a pantsuit?

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