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Reasons to Pursue a Celibate Life

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Anyone who reads my articles will know that I advocate celibacy. I do not encourage celibacy as a clerical requirement; I shall leave the decision there to the churches. I do not support celibacy only for men or only for women. Nor do I single out only heterosexuals or homosexuals. Rather, I advocate celibacy for all types - whether male, female, heterosexual or homosexual. I advocate celibacy for everyone.

I wish for our culture to reclaim a narrative of celibacy. I wish for the ordinary citizens of this nation and this world to choose celibate lives to free themselves from hormonal confusion. Dear readers, our culture has confused love and sex. Too many times in this culture, dear readers, we think we love someone and discover the reality later - that our flesh has deceived us. What we thought was love had never been a genuine love at all. Biology had tricked and distracted our minds away from reality.

While the Bible does state that the celibate has more time to dedicate to God (1 Corinthians 7:32), there are numerous human reasons to practice celibacy. Celibacy gives us the opportunity to experience a love that transcends the bounds of the physical world. Celibacy will enable us to love each other in a purely spiritual manner, librated from the flesh.

Celibacy is more than abstinence because abstinence refers to waiting for sex while celibacy involves the possibility that you might never have sex. But experiencing a purely spiritual and truly transcendental love for people makes the renunciation of sex more rewarding and more fulfilling than anything biology can offer.

Now, dear readers, you might call me strange for advocating celibacy. Indeed, I refuse to conform to social norms. But what makes me different from you? I have a job. I pay bills. I have friends who I email and who I write letters. I listen to music. I watch television and movies. In many significant ways, we are the same, so I talk as part of the group.

There are many reasons why I support celibacy. Celibacy is empowerment. Celibacy enables us to maintain full control and authority over our own bodies. With sex, you give up control and authority over your own body for the other person to use and manipulate. The Bible states that when a man and a woman have sex, they become "one flesh," and this refers to abandoning physical rights. Sex allows other person can use and manipulate your body (1 Corinthians 7:4). Secular science can verify what I say. Science has discussed in detail how the two interacting bodies influence each other, cause the chemicals to rise, and many involuntary reactions to the other's physical manipulation.

During sex, there is a definite loss of control and a loss of bodily rights as the two become one flesh. This explains why rape is so traumatic because the power and authority has been forcibly stolen. During consensual sex, yes, the man or woman freely choose to give up authority, but control over the body is lost nonetheless. This is why marriage must be contemplated thoroughly and why marriage must endure for a lifetime. A person who allows too many others to control him or her might as well be a milksop or a doormat. Marriage involves two people working together and sharing each other's time and energy for a mutual lifelong goal; this includes sharing each other's bodies.

The celibate maintains complete control and authority over the physical self. The celibate is liberated from bondage to biology. The celibate can experience a higher sense of love for all humanity. While marriage has a worthwhile place in society, celibacy also has a very worthwhile place that needs to be reclaimed.

So, to conclude about why I advocate celibacy.... I know this seems strange to you because what I advocate is complete non-conformity with today's culture. I want you, dear readers, to think about what I have said. I want you to ask yourselves: is this love, or is biology lying to me? What is love? What is empowerment and self-control? What is freedom? And I want you to think seriously about what I have said because what our culture promotes as freedom, I see as another form of bondage.

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