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Sexist Devil within Cosmopolitan

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When I first mentioned Cosmopolitan, it was not the central point of the article, but I referred to its high emphasis on sex and women as sex objects. Now, I have learned much more about the magazine. When the new edition came out, I noticed two things - a "Cosmopolitan for Latinas" and the Anglo Cosmopolitan advertising an article with the line "When your period makes your Cra-a-zy"
I saw the Latina Cosmopolitan first, and then I realized I cannot remember any ethnic or racial minority featured on Cosmopolitan. Instead of featuring the minorities alongside the Anglos, the editors decided that minorities should have their own separate magazine for some fundamental reason.
But then, I looked at the line again "When your period makes you Cra-a-zy" and I wondered, "Is this really as sexist as it sounds?" Out of sheer curiosity, I pulled out the magazine and read the article. I even made a copy.
.Annie Daly wrote "Beat the PMS Brain Haze" on pages 148 and 149.

The week before your period? Yeah, not fun.
That's when PMS triggers all those annoying symptoms: bloating, b**chiness, serious junk-food craving. But you probably also feel a mental change, which you may not even realize is linked to your cycle. It's often referred to as your hormonal cloud. "Lot's of women feel hazy and out of sorts, like they're walking around in a fog," explains Sara Gottfried, MD, author of The Hormone Cure. "They're more easily overwhelmed, stressed out, forgetful, and indecisive."
Why it happens: during PMS, your hormones fluctuate big-time, which in turn alters levels of brain chemicals that normally keep you balanced and sharp. you crank out more cortisol, the stress chemical, and less GABA, a soothing chemical that keeps you calm. you also produce less serotonin, a chemical that regulates memory and your ability to learn new things, which makes even small tasks seem daunting.

According to this article, women become mentally-unstable and hormonal-driven b**ches during pms. Also, women lose their intelligence during pms. Cosmopolitan is the epitome of what liberals consider women's sexual empowerment. Liberals like to pride themselves on equality. Yet, here we have a liberal ideal endorsing the misogynistic notion that women tend to be mentally-unstable, hormonally-driven, and simply not that intelligent. Not exactly equal with men, is it? Gee, if only a woman could have a man's brain...

These allegations have been used repeatedly to stifle the equality of women.

In opposing the women's right to vote, Grace Duffield Goodwin wrote a book titled "Anti-suffrage: 10 good reasons" in which she stated that women "has great temperamental disabilities," "lacks endurance in things mental" and "lacks nervous stability." (pg 92)
Ida Tarbell also opposed women's equality in her book "The Business of Being a Woman." Ida Tarbell wrote "If a woman's temperamental and intellectual operations were identical with a man, there would be hope of success - but they are not." (pg 17) Tarbell opposed women voting, having careers, and working in politics.
These are the exact same sentiments within the Cosmopolitan article. These are the exact same sentiments used to prevent women from obtaining positions equal to men in today's culture.
And these sentiments against women remain today. Liberal blogger Ron Chusid wrote in August 2008: "many Clinton supporters do not support liberal values. They are ignorant" and "Unfortunately many of the women (and men) who backed Hillary Clinton really are stupid. While some might have found this to be unexpected, I was not at all surprised."
Another liberal blogger wrote about Sarah Palin: "This deluded and delusional woman still doesn't understand what happened to her; still has no self-awareness;" and "regards ignorance as some kind of achievement." The notes I have list the blogger as Tracy Clark-Flory from Salon. Flory is obsessed with sex just like Cosmopolitan, and also like Cosmopolitan, she refers to women as mentally-unable with sub-par intelligence.
According to Cosmopolitan, the highlight of being a woman is in giving as much sex to as many men as possible. According to Cosmopolitan, sex is the only plausible goal because women are mentally-unstable, hormonally-driven, and simply not as intelligent as men.
Well-aware of the sexism prevalent in our culture, I feel incredibly offended at the Cosmopolitan PMS article. Now, if you want to tell me that I should not have read the article and if you want to tell me that it is my fault for feeling offended... Those sexist sentiments are detrimental to women! Those sexists thoughts are within any and every attempt to damage women's equality with men. Women need to protest sexism, just as African-Americans protest racism. The best way to improve the lives of women is to change cultural beliefs about women. And readers, we can change culture by protesting and insisting upon the removal of sexist things.
.Now, you can ask Wal-Mart to stop carrying Cosmopolitan:

Walmart Home Office

702 SW 8th Street
Bentonville, Arkansas 72716

And you can also write Cosmopolitan to protest the sexism.


Now, because this is a Christian blog, here is what scripture has to say about the menstrual cycle.

"If any woman has a discharge, and the discharge is blood, she shall be set apart seven days," (Leviticus 15:19) However, the woman remains clean unless the blood lasts longer than usual (Leviticus 15:25).

Yet, even scripture regards men equal to women in the matter of bodily discharges.

"When any man has a discharge from his body, his discharge is unclean. And this shall be his uncleanness in regard to his discharge - whether his body runs with his discharge, or his body is stopped up by his discharge, it is his uncleanness." (Leviticus 15:2-3) "then, he shall count for himself seven days for his cleansing, wash his clothes, and bathe his body in running water. Then, he shall be clean." (Leviticus 15:13)

Go figure..

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