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Subjective Humanity

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Disclaimer: this has a picture from pop culture, and a picture from a 2012 campaign underneath the page break.

In an earlier article about abortion, I had stated emphatically that in a culture in which women are considered things for use, the results of such use are likewise considered things to use or to throw away. In other words, when women are regarded as things for sexual use and then as things for disposal afterward, then natural result of this use (the conception of children) are likewise regards as things for disposal. The humanity of women has been ignored and denigrated. The humanity of children has been ignored and denigrated.

Sometimes the most extreme examples explain the issue the best. Extreme examples amplify societal beliefs and attitudes to their ultimate end so that the underlying problems and the results of these problems become clearer and more obvious to see. Thus, as a society, we can see social problems more clearly.

This is a very sensitive issue, and not many people can fully comprehend what these women suffered through and survived through. I bring this up to educate people about our social problems so that people can apply this learning to become a better society. I have blogged repeatedly that abortion is dehumanizing and degrading to women. Abortion degrades and dehumanizes both women and their children. The abortions were forced in the case of Ariel Castro, but were supposedly legal in the case of Kermit Gosnell who also faces murder charges.

When women are things for sexual use to dispose afterward, then natural result of this use are likewise things for disposal. Recently, the news has reported that three women - Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus - had been abducted by Ariel Castro.

Prosecutors said Thursday they may seek the death penalty against Ariel Castro, the man accused of imprisoning three women at his home for a decade, as police charged that he impregnated one of his captives at least five times and then starved her and punched her in the belly until she miscarried.

Castro now faces murder charges for the deaths of the unborn. And here is where the humanity of women connects to the humanity of children.

Castro regarded neither women nor children as humans. When they became pregnant, he forced abortions upon them for more sex. What he had done is indeed abortion. Abortion is the termination of an unwanted fetus. And this shows how abortion dehumanizes both women and children. The Kermit Gosnell trial is another prime example of how abortion dehumanizes women and children.

After the abortion, Shayquana Abrams testified, she was so ill and in such pain that her aunt took her to a hospital. Abrams said she was diagnosed with a "grapefruit-sized abscess" on her side and a blood clot in the vein near her heart

And the feet of her aborted baby were severed for Gosnell to use as decorations. Gosnell decorated his dwelling with the feet of several aborted babies. Gosnell gave his women pain medication that never worked, and whenever the women protested or squirmed, he slapped and punched their legs.

Castro faces murder charges for the forced abortions of the children conceived by rape, but if these women had went to an abortionist to eliminate children of rape, there would never be any murder charges because the children would instead be considered non-living non-human entities or burdens for removal and disposal. I say this to reveal the hypocrisy and how our culture has a subjective double-standard over women and children as if they are human in some instances and non-human in other instances. Either women and children are human, or they're not; the answer should never be "human in some situations; non-human in other situations."

If these babies truly are non-living burdens who deserve to be terminated, then murder charges against Castro would be senseless and pointless. What determines the difference between life and non-life in this situation? Not biology because the biology would remain the same. But Ariel Castro forced abortions upon the women because he considered both the women and the children non-human.

Pro-abortion advocates tend to focus on abortion in cases of rape as if the abortion itself would make the world a better place for women. What about stopping rapes and preventing rape altogether? So far, I have not heard any discussion from that side about how to do this. Eliminating rape is never a topic that comes up among the pro-abortion advocates. Abortion in those cases does nothing to make society better for women because the injustice against them has still been committed. A society that embraces and welcomes the human dignity of women would never have rape. Instead, our culture considers that atrocity along with bondage and sadomasochism entertaining through pop culture.

This culture has placed a subjective humanity status over women and children in which they are human sometimes and non-human sometimes. Babies are living in some situations; non-living burdens in other situations. Women are humans whose bodies need to be respected in some situations; sex playthings in pop culture and other situations. This is a picture from Lady Gaga's song "Government Hooker," and this is the type of music that today's generation listen to. The main song part goes "I wanna be your hooker." These are the music and images that belong to the generation demanding easy-access abortion. There are more sexually-explicit Beyonce images and more explict Lady Gaga pictures; this picture is the most "modest" I could find in comparison to everything else in pop culture.

If these babies truly are non-living burdens who deserve to be terminated, then murder charges against Castro would be senseless and pointless. What determines the difference between life and non-life in this situation? The answer is subjective perception. The humanity of the unborn is subjective within our culture. Sometimes, they are human; sometimes, they are not human. Likewise, the humanity of women is subjective within our culture. In other words, they are considered human when it convenient to do so, and they are not human when it is also convenient at the time.

Abortion is the result of a misogynistic culture and of misogynistic acts. In a culture that truly valued the humanity of women, there would never be any need for abortion. Here, we see abortion as the result of Ariel Castro's misogyny, and the misogyny is shown evidenced in the case of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Throughout this country and other western countries with legalized abortions, men enjoy sexual relations until the woman becomes pregnant; then, they offer money for the abortion because the prospect of responsibility for the reproductive act is a burden upon them and because all they really wanted was the sex.

I have blogged repeatedly about how our hypersexualized abortion-obsessed culture neither acknowledges nor appreciates the true humanity of women. I wrote how Jessica Winter asserted that women need birth control and sex in to be regarded as humans. I have also written about how abortion is used to eliminate large numbers of the unwanted female population "gendercide"; that women do not appreciate their own bodies when they have an abortion. Planned Parenthood has campaigned against a law aimed to prevent gendercide in this country. I have posted about how young girls throughout western cultures are pressured into performing sexually . Boys coerce, manipulate, and essentially force themselves upon girls. An epidemic of teen girl suicides occurs when they succumb to pressure to send explicit pictures of themselves and then commit suicide when those pictures become sexual fare for a general audience.

there is also disturbing evidence that hardcore pornography has become so commonplace that some children see it as “mundane”. The pioneering NSPCC study in 2010 found that watching professional porn was seen by boys as a sign of desperation. They would rather watch – and circulate – home-made porn shots on phones with girls they knew.

This is part of the phenomenon called sexting, the exchange of sexual messages or images by text, smartphones and social networking sites. Chevonea Kendall-Bryan was a victim of it, and worse. She had been bullied by boys since the age of 11, a coroner heard earlier this month. At 13, she was forced to perform a sex act on an 18-year-old after a party. A boy of 15 later demanded the same treatment – or he would smash the windows of her south London home. When she obeyed, he filmed her on his phone and shared the clip around her school.

Sexual pressure can cause girls to contemplate suicide, self-harm, develop eating disorders, or try to lose themselves in drugs or alcohol.

Although this citation comes from the UK, I have blogged that this occurs over here as well and that the problem will increase if it is not resolved because these countries share the exact same culture. Therefore, this is the exact type westernized culture that champions free access to abortion: the exact culture in which women call themselves "sluts" as a means of liberation when they campaigned for free abortion.

But what is a slut that women pride themselves on being? When I looked up "Rock the Slut vote," I came across advertisements for porn in addition to the campaign website. Sluts are terms used to describe women who have indiscriminate sex with lots of men. The victims of sexting were often called sluts prior to their suicides. I once saw a man who had a sticker on his wallet: "get some sluts." Is this sexually empowering or sexually degrading?

The point of this article is to explain again how abortion degrades and dehumanizes both women and their children. Forced abortions in the case of Ariel Castro; legal abortions in the case of Kermit Gosnell; a stronger demand for abortion by the people who either ignore or praise the sexual objectification of women. Sometimes, the most extreme examples such as Ariel Castro and Kermit Gosnell explain the social problem the most clearly, but that this dehumanization of women is a problem pervasive throughout any culture that cherishes abortion.

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