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The Homosexual Agenda

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At a Rhode Island high school, 17-year-old Liz Bierendy created a mural that showed the progression of a man from boyhood to adulthood, which ended with the man marrying a woman and having a child.  The mural depicting a traditional marriage between husband and wife has been labeled controversial and offensive. The source of controversy and offensiveness is the traditional marriage.  Is it any wonder why some Christians are so paranoid about "homosexual activists" threatening to destroy the family and society?

A month or so ago, my mom received an email warning her about the evil "homosexual agenda" and urging her to stop the evil homosexuals. I explained to her the paranoia and bigotry behind the email. I never considered the existence of an actual "homosexual agenda." People who do claim there exists an actual agenda believe that the gays, lesbians, and their supporters intentionally seek and desire the destruction of the family and of society. People who claim there exists an actual agenda believe all homosexuals are evil, just for having this certain attraction, and in a warfare-type mentality that the good people need to combat all homosexuals.

I never thought there existed a homosexual agenda. I merely thought that they held to some false beliefs. These false beliefs will further the deterioration of society, but their actions will not be a deliberate attempt to destroy society. The false beliefs behind gay sex will increase the social disorder from which it emerged.  Society began to deteriorate without gay sex, although gay sex is a result - not cause - of societal deterioration.

However, for these people and their supporters to oppose a mural depicting traditional marriage... This outcry against a mural depicting traditional marriage validates the paranoia and increases the belief that there exists an actual "homosexual agenda" deliberately threatening to destroy the family and society.

For a traditional family to be offensive means that the only appropriate family would be a gay or lesbian family. For a traditional family to be offensive means that the traditional family is now socially inappropriate. Whatever is socially inappropriate does not belong in society.

The mural is meant to depict the general, normal, and expected progress of life from childhood to adulthood. Of course, no life is ever so clean and smooth. Some kids don't have happy childhoods, some don't go to college, etc. I wish my life went that smoothly. But I understand that this mural represents the general, normal, and expected progress of life.

For people to oppose this mural means that they want gay and lesbian couples to be the general, normal, and expected result. So, the outcry against this mural will merely validate paranoia about "evil homosexuals and the homosexual agenda," and will increase tensions and hostility.

I think the people who object to this mural are a bunch of immature and hypersensitive crybabies. I still refuse to think there exists a deliberate agenda, although this outcry makes me very curious about what exactly is going on.

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