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The Lady Part Obsession

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Honestly, Sandra Fluke cannot be faulted for this. Sadly, this is not a fluke at all. This is a common phenomenon throughout the Democratic party that is long in the running. The Democrats are obsessed with lady parts, as a picture approved by the Obama regime reveals. And yet, readers, let us start at the beginning of when the lady part obsession began for this political campaign. The Democrats desire to reclaim and to redeem the two most sexual female words in our vocabulary. The Democrats want to make those words safe for public conversations.

When Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a "slut" for having so much sex that she was going bankrupt to afford birth control, there was a massive public outcry from the liberals that forced him to apologize and to say that Sandra Fluke was not a slut.

So, the word "slut" is offensive and derogatory toward women. But only in certain contexts, according to the Democrats. By our Christian standards, this takes a rather bizarre twist and their lady part obsession comes out in the open.

After condemning Rush Limbaugh for the word "slut," the liberals quickly created a "Rock the Slut Vote" campaign in which they called Sandra Fluke, themselves, and each other sluts. As soon as the so-called feminists forced Limbaugh to recant calling her that word, the feminists declared him right all along!

Susan McMillan Emry is tired of the word “slut” being a slur.

The 56-year-old mother of two is the founder of “Rock The Slut Vote,” a website aimed at reclaiming the derogatory term and registering women to vote in November.

In order for a word to be reclaimed, there needs to be a redefinition. What is the new definition? A "sexually-empowered woman"? Does this mean a woman who has sex with numerous men? If that is the case, then the new definition is the same as the old definition. Democrat Congresswoman Debra Shore proudly wore a sluts vote pin to the DNC convention.

A member of the Illinois delegation has sold out of a batch of pins she made that say "Sluts vote."

The pins, which cost 2 for $5, reference radio host Rush Limbaugh's attack on women's activist Sandra Fluke... [Yahoo News] spotted several delegates on Thursday sporting the pins, which were made by delegate Barbara Brown.

"I think 'slut' is offensive, that's why we're trying to own it and make it ours," said Debra Shore, an Illinois delegate from Chicago.

And thus Democrat congresswoman Debra Shore proudly wears her slut vote shirt pin. Just tossing out the word everywhere does nothing to redefine or to "reclaim" the word. Slut still means slut regardless of how often it is used. Just as vagina continues to describe a female reproductive organ despite the repetitions of the word vagina. Simply repeating the word does not redefine it and does not reclaim it.

Yet, the whole point of the slut vote campaign is not to offend women. The point of the slut vote campaign is to make it acceptable to call women sluts so that women will no longer be offended when someone uses that word. A slut will continue to mean a woman who has promiscous and indiscriminate sex with as many men as possible. All this repetition does is reinforce the misogyny that women exist for men's sexual gratification.

Redefinition is irrelevant to the Democrats. Repeating the word "slut" will not change the definition just as repeating the word "vagina" will not change the definition. All that matters to the Democrats is that the word becomes acceptable while keeping its original context and definition. Earlier in June of this year, the word vagina became a word of political discourse in the Michigan state congress. During a discussion over abortion legislation, state congresswoman Lisa Brown used the word vagina.

“Finally, Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no,’” [Congresswoman Lisa Brown] said during a floor speech.

When she was denied to speak shortly afterward, she claimed it was an opposition to the word vagina. However, the Michigan House Speaker said he denied her the speaking platform because the "no means no" is a statement often used against unwanted sexual advances. More specifically, it is an anti-rape statement to assert woman's authority. The entire context of her statement is sexual. Even more troubling, Lisa Brown began the statement with "I'm flattered..." followed by a phrase used around rape situations.

The State House barred her from speaking. To protest, she joined with Eve Ensler the author of the Vagina Monologues. Then, they rallied up a bunch of other women to repeat the word vagina.

Capitol facilities director Steve Benkovsky estimated about 2,500 spectators – women and men – watched the play in downtown Lansing from lawn chairs and blankets. Billed on Facebook as the "Vaginas Take Back the Capitol!" event, the combination play and protest included political signs and chants of "Vagina! Vagina!"

Ensler, who flew in from California, where she's overseeing production of her new play, said she was thrilled to be involved and likened the punishment meted out by the Republican leadership of the state House to "the Dark Ages."

However, they forget that the context of the comment that barred Lisa Brown from speaking has a sexual context. "I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no,’”. The word vagina has nothing to do with it. Lisa Brown could have easily said, "I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in [having sex with me], but ‘no’ means ‘no,’”

Inspired by the "say vagina" protest, the liberal group Code Pink went to the RNC in giant vagina costumes and sang songs about vaginas. However, the say vagina protest, the slut vote campaign, and the Obama rally for lady parts indicate that this is not some random issue and is a common theme throughout the liberal Democrat party.

All this repetition will achieve is reinforcing the concept of all women as sluts and validating misogyny.

There is such an intense obsession with women's sexual organs and zero focus on women's souls. "Vaginas take back the Capitol" Hello? Are women nothing more than their sexual organs? But this focus on women as vaginas and sluts - by women themselves! - will hurt women and will damage 150 years of hard work for equality.

So, the incessant repetition does nothing to redefine the word vagina. Likewise, the incessant repetition of the word slut does nothing to redefine the word slut. When there is no redefinition, then there is no reclamation. When there is no redefintion, a slut continues to describe a woman who has promiscuous and indiscriminate sex. And all this shows is that the Democrats are thoroughly obsessed with sex and with lady parts. This lady part obsession is even seen within the Obama regime. I don't know if the Obama regime created this picture, but Obama and Biden certainly approve of it.

Seriously, this begs the question: why are the Democrats so obsessed with lady parts? Obama was heralded as the ultimate feminist shortly after his 2008 election. The feminists have organized the slut vote. Because Obama and Biden are feminists and because liberal feminists have organized the slut vote, Obama and Biden should be supportive of making the word acceptable so that it no longer offends women. What do they think of the slut vote and the word "vagina"? This is a question that needs an answer. If they think those words are inappropriate, then they will alienate the liberal feminists. If they think those words are suitable, then they change nothing because readers, none of us will vote for them anyway. All I ask is for clarification.

So, readers, please click here to contact Joe Biden to ask him what he thinks about the slut vote and the word "vagina."

Here is the form to contact Barack Obama.

 Specify that the liberal feminists launched the voting campaign and the word protest. If he thinks conservatives are responsible, then he will not understand what these are about. So, specify that liberal feminists launched the voting campaign and the word protest; tell him that their goal is to reclaim the words and to make the words acceptable so that women will no longer be offended. And ask him to discuss the slut vote and the word "vagina". Obama and Biden should be comfortable using those words.

Following the vice presidential debate, Eva Longoria who is a co-chair of the Obama campaign shared this on Twitter.

So, we have the liberal democrats who want women to be sluts. And we have the liberal democrats who want women to be vaginas. No reference to women as thinking and feeling human beings. No reference to women as huamns with souls. Instead, the liberal democrats want women to be sex organs for sex. Now, we have a liberal democrat who Obama enjoys as co-chair of his election campaign making a joke about rape and sex slavery.

Does the Obama campaign want women to be known as sluts or vaginas? Does the Obama campaign lack even basic consideration for women's humanity? Does the Obama campaign consider rape and sex slavery to be amusing entertainment?

Are these the beliefs that we want in our society? Are these the beliefs that we want to elect in charge of our nation?

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