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Tim Tebow and the Heavenly Gain

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Tim Tebow lost the football game, but that has no bearing upon what is truly significant - God's message of love and salvation.  God has His reasons for what happened last Sunday.  Perhaps Tebow needed to be humbled due to his many successes.  Perhaps the numerous fans needed to realize that Tebow is not some idol but is merely a servant of the Lord, the same as them.  If Tebow's loss changes negatively the way you think or feel about God, then you have placed more faith in Tebow as an idol than in Jesus as your savior.  A similar statement applies to athiests who attempt to use this as "proof" against the existence of God; those athiests argue as though Tebow is the god to disprove, but God only made a flesh-and-blood appearance once as Jesus.

Athiests and secularists will probably gloat "Where is your God?  He doesn't exist!" but the same question could have been asked of Israel and Judah when the Assyrians and Babylonians carried them into captivity.  However, a few generations later, Judaea emerged with stronger unity and more dedication than ever before.  The same question could have been asked when Rachel died in childbirth, but had she lived, Joseph might not have been sold into slavery, and the known world would have perished in faminee.  Certainly, the jeering crowd asked Jesus, "Where is your God?  Why doesn't He save you?" when he lay dying on the cross.  Yes, God did forsake Jesus to die for our salvation.

One of my customers said to me "Tebow will show the world that he can glorify God even if he loses."  Indeed, if we honor God only because of what He gives or does for us, how are we genuinely loving or revering Him?  I direct this question to the numerous fans.  Tim Tebow remains a role model and inspiration because of his charity and compassion for others.  This charity and compassion is what we should follow and act upon.

And when we think about what happened Saturday, we must understand that God has His reasons all to improve ourselves.  Perhaps it was for the sake of humbling us, or for the new believers to discern where their faith resides, or perhaps it is for something else altogether.  Consider all the scenarios I have mentioned from Rachel dying in childbirth to Jesus dying on the cross.  Consider what they led to.  An earthly loss is a heavenly gain.

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