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Voter Vigilance, not Voter Revenge

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New reports of votes incorrectly recorded have now occurred in Colorado. This makes North Carolina, Ohio, Kansas, Nevada, and Colorado Local news group KRDO reported:

PUEBLO, Colo. -

The Colorado Secretary of State's Office is investigating after some Pueblo voters say voting machines switched their pick from Mitt Romney to Barack Obama.

The Pueblo County Republican Party said they've heard of more than a dozen reports of the problem.

One voter, who didn't want to use her name, told KRDO Newschannel 13 that when she hit the touchscreen for Romney, a check mark appeared next to Obama's name. She said she asked for help to fix the problem, but still feels unsure about her vote.

"I wonder where my vote really counted," she said.

With such a pervasive problem, particularly in swing states, a recount or a revote will more than likely be in order. Many people continue to blame human or machine errors. However, these are errors that can have a significant impact upon the lives of American citizens and humans across the globe. If these are simple errors, then the Obama campaign will have no problem in agreeing to or even requesting a revote or a recount. These errors appear in Obama's favor, so his behavior regarding a revote/recount will certainly reveal parts of his character.

[County Clerk] Gilbert points out that voters have several chances to change their ballot before casting it, and said everyone who's experienced a problem has gotten help and voted how they intended to.

Still, some are worried that there are voters who didn't notice the machine error, and this problem could persist on election day.

"How many more times has this occurred? None of us know," said Chuck Schneider, a poll watcher who said he learned of the problem from a Democratic election judge. "This could have a significant effect on the election in this county."

In Ohio, four union members were caught stealing signs by the Romney campaign.

Now, here is this 22 second video of Obama touting the vote as revenge.

Why? Revenge is full of malice and spite. People who want revenge want to see their opponents suffer cruelly and harshly. Revenge is empty of mercy.

And the vote was never designed for revenge. The vote is designed to give people a voice in their government, the ability to choose their leaders who will serve the people. The vote is the power and the free will of the people to decide their own fate and the fate of their nation. Dictatorships and tyrannies thrive in the absence of the voting power.

The website Human Events reported that in Ohio Somali immigrants who spoke little English were bused to voting booths and were told to vote for Sherrod Brown, the Democrat incumbent.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Two volunteer poll workers at an Ohio voting station told Human Events that they observed van loads of Ohio residents born in Somalia — the state is home to the second-largest Somali population in the United States — being driven to the voting station and guided by Democratic interpreters on the voting process. No Republican interpreters were present, according to these volunteers.

While it’s not unusual for get-out-the-vote groups to help voters get to the polls, the volunteers who talked to Human Events observed a number of troubling and questionable activities.

A source, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a volunteer outside the Morse Road polling center. She has witnessed Somalis who cannot speak English come to the polling center. They are brought in groups, by van or bus. The Democrats hand them a slate card and say, “vote Brown all the way down.” Given that Sherrod Brown is the incumbent Democrat Senator in Ohio, one can assume that this is the reference.

The local newspaper Fay Observer wrote about housing facilities for the mentally-disabled busing them to voting places and telling them to vote for Obama.

Jimmy Green's stepdaughter had never voted before. The 57-year-old is mentally disabled, and Green said she doesn't understand the concept of casting a ballot.

But this week, she called her parents to say she had voted for President Obama. The care home in Fayetteville where she lives registered its residents to vote and drove them to the polls, Green said.

"My concern is that somebody told her who to vote for," he said. "She didn't even know there's two different parties."

Complaints of uncomprehending voters being ferried to cast ballots surface every election. And in a presidential race as close as this year's, with huge levels of early voting, any perceived irregularity is falling under intense scrutiny.

The exploitation of people for political gain reminds me of when the southerners sought extra representation in Congress early in our nation's history. Number of House seats is determined by population. The southerners wanted their slaves to count in the census so that the southern whites could wield extra political power in Congress. The northerners believed that only free citizens can count in the census and receive representation. Either, free the slaves or don't count them at all. So, a comprise was set that slaves counted as 3/5 a human, thus obtaining extra political power for the southern whites. Of course, the southerners then claimed that they championed the humanity of the slaves, but in reality, the southern whites merely exploited their humanity for selfish power.

The southerners, which became the Democratic party, actually believed that blacks benefited from slavery!

And I bring this up because the exploitation of humanity continues for selfish political gain, and because Obama who has no history as an African-American had sent Joe Biden to the NAACP to promise them dependency, not independence. Obama and Biden ignored jobs and education, the two things essential for freedom and independence. When the slaves were freed, they immediately sought education and jobs away from their former masters. Without jobs or education, circumstances would force them to dependency upon their former masters, and dependency would tarnish their freedom.

And then, we have liberal Bill Maher inciting racial violence and voter suppression This liberal encourages racism and racial tension. If white people do not vote for Obama, blacks will take their revenge on the whites, according to Maher.

"If you're thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, I would like to make this one plea: black people know who you are and they will come after you"

Revenge is a thing to divide the country. Revenge destroys the unity of our nation. Voter suppression violates our founding principles and our freedoms. Exploitation of humanity likewise violates our freedoms. Racism is yet another thing that threatens our nation, and the Democrats have encouraged racism and racial warfare. And we must rise above their tactics, and we must overcome all of these.

I say that everyone must vote, and we must never be intimidated. And we should never allow the mongers of racial warfare to destroy our country. If it comes down to a revote, then a revote will be necessary for us to maintain our freedom and independence. Then, we can work on building genuine unity and harmony.

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