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Coffee, Prayer, and the US Open

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Dowd and Webb Simpson celebrate winning the US Open

26 year-old Webb Simpson won the US Open golf tournament Sunday by shooting weekend rounds of 68-68, but his wife, Dowd, almost cost him the tournament by her selection of his morning drink. "I accidently got Webb regular coffee instead of decaf so he was bouncing off the walls this morning," Dowd, who is 7 months pregnant with the couples' second child said Sunday afternoon.

"I had a peace all day," said Simpson, a devout, born-again Christian. "I knew it was a tough golf course. ... I probably prayed more the last three holes than I've ever done in my life."

The Simpson's became first-time parents with the birth of their son, James, 16 months ago. They left baby James back at home in North Carolina with grandma and grandpa and enjoyed San Francisco together all week...one of their first times ever being away from their baby. Dowd was asked if this was how she envisioned her husband winning his frist major. "I think that the person that writes the story does a much better job creating it than I could ever imagine," Dowd said, in a calm voice. "I just live in the anticipation of it."

Was Webb sad that his baby boy wasn't with him on Father's Day to celebrate the victory? "It's bittersweet," the soon-to-be father of two (she's due on Aug. 3rd) acknowledged. "We couldn't have a better week. I needed her with me, because I never felt nerves like I did today. A lot of times I had to hit my legs, because I couldn't really feel them. ... I couldn't imagine being here without her."

Simpson often tweets Bible verses and Christian quotes, and attends the PGA Tour's Bible study group led by Rev. Larry Moody. When the final competitor's putt slid by the 18th hole...wide left...Simpson whispered, "Praise the Lord." On Monday morning Simpson tweeted, "Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement. Humbled to win the US Open!! Thankful to God for His grace in my life."

Baby James, Dowd, and Webb Simpson pose with the Deutsch Bank Championship Trophy back in Sept. 2011 when James was just 6-months old. On Father's Day, 2012, Webb became a first-time major winner with his US Open victory.

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