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How Bubba Watson becoming a father helped him win the 2012 Masters

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Bubba Watson / Twitter
Angie, Caleb, and Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson, the 33 year-old professional golfer from Bagdad, Florida won the 76th Masters in style with a hooking wedge shot from the pine straw at the hallowed grounds of the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia on Sunday, April 8th, 2012. But it was his becoming a father only days earlier that many golfing experts are crediting with Watson’s ability to slip on the coveted green jacket. Watson and his wife, Angie, welcomed an adopted baby son, Caleb, just last week. “To go home to my son, it’s going to be fun,” said Watson, who was overcome by emotion almost before the final putt dropped. After acknowledging his University of Georgia fan base, Watson testified on this Easter Sunday by announcing, “First of all, I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Many felt this day would never come for the long-hitting Watson, whose prodigious length off the tee often left him out of bounds or in the trees bordering the lush fairways of the manicured courses played on the PGA Tour.

Watson mentioned he now moves on to other tournaments, other adventures in life, and other roles with the title of “Daddy” high on his list. “I haven’t changed a diaper yet, probably going to have to change one soon,” Watson said. After securing the victory he broke down and cried on his mother Molly's shoulder as they hugged on the 10th green. The new champion's success is even more impressive given that he has never had a formal golf lesson in his life, does not employ a sports psychologist, and is reported to suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder. Several times Watson has blown a lead and the chance to win other tournaments by taking risky shots with his go-for-broke style. Angie was asked if her husband sufferes from ADD, "Oh, he definitely has it!" Bubba is a self-taught shot maker ever since his father first showed him how to hold a club. Friends are saying the prospect of Watson being a father has already helped to settle and ground him…evidenced in his calm demeanor as he played the final few holes of the pressure-filled Masters. This was an especially touching victory for the first-time dad as Bubba’s own father Garry died from throat cancer in 2010. Garry introduced his son to golf when he took him to a golf course at the tender age of six. And despite becoming a dedicated player he’s never had a formal lesson in his life. Bubba, a committed born-again Christian who is a regular attender of the tour’s Bible study group said after his Easter Sunday win, “My dad's not here, but he's watching in heaven.”

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Bubba Watson slips on the 2012 Green Jacket

Watson and his wife Angie started the process of adopting four years ago. “It finally came to this winter that we could do it,” Bubba said. “We got turned down a couple times, but on the Tuesday of Bay Hill (three weeks ago) we got a call, on the Wednesday we made the decision and the Monday after we were down in South Florida, picking up little Caleb.” Watson's wife Angie, a former basketball player, stands head and shoulders above other golfing wives on the tour at 6ft 4in tall. She met Bubba when they were both at the University of Georgia and they got married in September 2004. The basketball player told Bubba on their first date that she would never be able to have children. Asked if he had dreamed about a putt to win The Masters he added, “I dreamed about it – my dreams just never went this far.” Dynamic Dads salutes Bubba Watson…first time father and 2012 Master’s champion!

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