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Ten Temptations Dads Face

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Most effective fathers I work with face the following temptations:

1) The pull to spend more time at work and leave the "leftovers" for the family. I have never heard an older man reflecting back on his life say, "I only wish I had spent more time at the office."

2) Thinking, "I'll spend more time wih the kids once they are older." That time never arrives. In fact, once our children hit the teen years they often desire to spend less time with dad.

3) Assuming "quality time" trumps "quanity time." Think the once-a-year family vacation should be enough? Its not. Its the little day-in, day-out interactions that leave such a lasting legacy.

4) Reasoning, "we might as well divorce since we fight so often." The family research statistics are clear; an in-tact, lasting marriage is better for children than divorce. Go to marriage counseling and try and avoid divorce.

5) Thinking, "the beautiful woman down the street could meet my needs better than my wife." All humans are fallen. Only Jesus Christ can meet our deepest needs.

6) "I'll leave the church stuff to my wife or the youth pastor." When your children see you worship or pray they understand you too are under authority.

7) Naively thinking, "there are no drug or alcohol problems in our school or neighborhood." Think again...and talk to your kids about the dangers of experimenting.

8) Rationalizing, "I've blown it as a father." You may have made mistakes. Serious mistakes. But its never too late to reach out to a son or daughter.

9) Assuming, "someone will have the "sex talk" with my kids." They are curious and they are waiting to hear your perspective.

10) The temptation to take my wife for granted. She is taxi-driver, worker, chef, home engineer, mother, lover, and wife of your youth. Honor her.

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