End Times Alerts: Seeing God Use Today’s Events to Fulfill His Kingdom Plan
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How God Is Using Death in the Middle East to Bring Life to End-Times Fulfillment

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There appears to be a significant "death" theme surfacing in the Middle East. First, there was the beginning of the deaths of Middle East regimes. There was Tunisia; then there was Egypt. Both of these regimes died, but we are not yet sure what will replace them. Tunisia is struggling to become democratic, while the young dissidents who propelled the revolution in Egypt also sought democracy, but who knows if that will be the initial government there.

Hopefully, in the near future, we can add the Bashar al-Assad regime of Syria to the list of the departed. The amazing persistence of the Syrian dissidents, the infighting of Assad clans, and "targeted sanctions" against the Assad regime (being planned by the international community) are all key signals that the Assad Syrian regime is on the way out. Another powerful indicator that Assad will go down is the Bible's prediction of "peace and security" in connection with a treaty with Israel. Since Assad will never accept a peace treaty with Israel, it appears he will need to be removed from power for the Bible's prediction to come true.

If the Assad regime "dies," that will make it all the more likely that the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran will be put to death, as well. Already, there are struggles within Iran, such as hyperinflation and rising unemployment, both of which are fueling the opposition movement, began as a result of the illegal presidential elections more than a year ago. But another interesting development has occurred, coming in the form of a battle in the Iranian leadership with a feud between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Spiritual Leader Ali Khamenei. The battle began after Ahmadenijad attempted to gain greater control over the intelligence ministry, but Kahamenei stepped in to block Ahmadenijad's attempt. Since then there has been an increasingly bitter dispute between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei.

Of course, we cannot forget about the death of Osama bin Laden, the psychological leader of Middle East terrorism. Representations have an especially important role in the Middle Eastern mindset, which is why, for example, Islamic fundamentalists cannot stand for Israel to exist there. This is because, since all of the Middle East was conquered by Arabs in the name of Allah, each day Jews maintain a state in the Middle East, it is a reminder to them of a defeat, not just of their armies, but of Allah himself.

In the minds of Islamic terrorists, Osama bin Laden stood for Allah's victory over the Great Satan (the U.S.) in the 9/11 attacks. He became the leader who emboldened terrorism against Israel and the West—as well as against democracy. The death of bin Laden, then, was a major psychological blow to terrorists. In addition, it has emboldened dissidents in the Middle East, particularly those in Syria and Iran.

Furthermore, the invasion of bin Laden's compound led to the discovery of a wealth of information related to names and locations of key terrorists, as well as al Qaeda plots. As a result, U.S. Special Ops forces are now targeting Taliban and al-Qaeda leadership, using information taken from bin Laden's computers to find them. God may allow these leaders to be found and killed, which could lead to even more information that would eventually bring down those terrorist organizations.

While we are on the "death" theme, we may as well surface the death of the U.S.-led Palestinian-Israeli peace process. For example, on Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that the U.S. cannot support any government that consists of Hamas. Actually, she added the conjunctive phrase "unless . . . Hamas adopts the Quartet's principles," which refers to recognizing Israel's right to exist, renouncing violence, and respecting Israel's previous treaties signed by the Palestinians. However, she may as well have stated it in this way: "unless all midgets become giants", or "unless all circles become squares". In other words, she is saying that the U.S. is done with the Palestinian – Israeli "peace" process.

Of course, it took long enough for the U.S. to finally admit this. This process was dead long before the Palestinian leadership bolted to the U.N. to proclaim a Palestinian state; it was finished before Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas celebrated suicide bombers of innocent Jews; and it was a finis accompli before Abbas refused to negotiate. Like an addict who refuses to admit he has a problem, presidents of the last three administrations have refused to admit they could not work with the PA leadership. Finally, someone has admitted it—"unless . . ."

In addition, France and Britain refuse to accept any Palestinian government that refuses to accept Israel's right to exist. That should mean they will not accept the new Palestinian unity government of Hamas and Fatah. This also means there will be no Middle East peace plan that consists of Palestinian involvement. After all, PA leader Mahmoud Abbas abandoned peace with Israel by choosing Hamas.

So what does this all mean in connection with end-times fulfillment? Actually, these events are significant to two key prophesied events in the Bible—both of which relate to the end times. They are the end-times (seven-year) treaty with Israel and world leaders proclaiming "peace and security". On the inauguration of the treaty with Israel, the clock will begin ticking on the final seven years leading to the return of Christ to the earth (to establish God's kingdom). When it the treaty is near completion, world leaders will believe they have finally achieved the "peace and security" they have been seeking.

But before these two key end-times accomplishments can be obtained, terrorism will need to appear to have been defeated; this is where the deaths of key terrorists connects. In addition, since the Bible indicates that the end-times treaty with Israel will be confirmed by ten national leaders—and since there is an absence of both the U.S. and Palestinian presence in Bible prophecy—there needed to be the death of the U.S.-lead Palestinian-Israeli peace process.

Thus, might God be burying hindrances in order to bring to "life" end-times fulfillment? Stay tuned for more insight. And keep looking up!


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