End Times Alerts: Seeing God Use Today’s Events to Fulfill His Kingdom Plan
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Is God Setting the Stage for the ‘Thief in the Night?’

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The latest Gallup Poll has President Obama's approval rating at 39%—an all-time low for him. Some Bible-believing Christians are asking if this rating might be a consequence for the president's mistreatment of Israel (for this view, see my July 2nd
blog, "Why President Obama Will Be a One-Term President"), while others seem to be reasoning that it relates to God's judgment for taking moral stances contrary to God's word, such as pushing a pro-homosexual, pro-abortion agenda. Still others believe reasons for the rating simply lie in a struggling economy, the unemployment numbers, or in problems with U.S. foreign policy. Regardless of the reason for the
situation in which the president now finds himself, God also has a future
purpose for this; but what might it be? If, for example, God is currently aligning
events for end-times Biblical fulfillment, how might the president's continued
drop in the polls be used by God to fulfill His prophetic word?

Consider the obvious result if President Obama remains on this path: He will not be reelected. Instead, a Republican candidate will become our next president. Assuming this is the scenario in November of 2012, most likely, America's new commander-in-chief will be a conservative, possibly even born again. Why make this assumption? It is because of two reasons.

First, though Obama candidated as a centrist, he has governed as a liberal. True, he has not been in lock-step with left-wingers on every item of the agenda, but when he has not felt the pressure to move toward the center, his stance on issues has been on the left. This means that if voters reject him at the polls in 2012, the pendulum will
likely swing far right politically.

Another reason we may see a strong conservative elected is because Republicans appear to have learned from the past: A moderate Republican showed rather poorly against Candidate Obama in the last election. Republicans appear to be reasoning that there needs to be a true contrast to Obama in their candidate, particularly if the president runs another centrist campaign, which, in all likelihood, he will do. (A far-left
base does not give him nearly enough votes; he needs independents to win.)

In addition, Republicans are very concerned about two issues that concern most Americans at the present time—the economy and the unemployment rate. They understand that the debt problem has to be attacked vigorously and immediately before the economy plunges to new lows; and unemployment numbers must be lowered. From their vantage point, these two issues can only be managed effectively by one who takes the conservative stance of balancing the budget and refusing to raise taxes.

When getting into the truly conservative ranks of the Republican party, there is more likelihood to see a candidate emerge that is a born-again Christian. In fact, at least two of the current frontrunners of the Republican candidates claim to be evangelical Christians. So it is entirely possible that the next president of the United States be, not
only a conservative Republican, but also an evangelical Christian.

So what purpose of God might this serve? For one, it could lull Christians asleep. While Christians (as well as others) tend to look to God in times of great concern, they relax and become comfortable when things seem to be going well. (This was also a tendency of Israel in the Old Testament.) Along those lines, with heightened turmoil both internationally, as well as nationally, there has been greater interest in Bible prophecy, as Christians look for the possibility of Christ's return. However, if a conservative, Bible-believing Christian is elected president, Christians may become more relaxed, not only about the country and its outlook, but also in regard to the possibility of the return of Christ. This could lead to Christians being caught off guard by the rapture of the Church (the event at which Jesus will remove Christians from the earth prior to a seven-year period of great difficulty on the planet). If so, this could be a fulfillment of Jesus' "thief in the night" analogy (see Matthew 24:43). When He comes in the air, He may catch many, or most, Christians off guard, which is a realistic scenario,
considering the state of the Church today. In fact, the "thief in the night" fulfillment of Matthew 24:43 if much more likely if a conservative, evangelical Christian is elected.

But would God do that? Would He allow the development of an environment that could deceive people, including Christians? Consider 2 Thessalonians 2:11 which reveals that, in the future, God will not only allow people to be deceived by Satan's "signs and lying wonders," He will actually "send them strong delusion that they should believe the lie." Why? It is because their hearts will not be open to the truth.

God will not hesitate to do the same regarding Christians whose hearts are not open. Those whose hearts truly are open to God's word will not be led astray, even with the
election of a born-again individual to the presidency of the United States. They will continue to see that God is currently aligning events for the return of Christ and the establishment of His kingdom upon the earth. But it seems that many in the Church will be caught off-guard by Christ's appearing in the air—as a "thief in the night."

Don't be one of those. Instead, keep looking up!


[John Claeys serves with John Claeys Ministries through writing, speaking, and radio ministries and is the author of Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock—What Does the Bible Say?, a riveting look of the events leading up to the return of Christ. See www.JohnClaeys.com for more information.]

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