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Is the Targeted Killing of Iranian Nuclear Scientists Sanctioned by God?

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With recent explosions taking the lives of scientists working on Iran's nuclear program, the average lifespan of an Iranian nuclear scientist is quickly growing ever shorter. A number of scientists working on the Iranian nuclear process—Iranian, North Korean, and Russian—have been killed within the past year by explosions. Recently, another Iranian nuclear scientist was added to the list by being killed in an explosion.

Five Russian scientists, who were working at an Iranian nuclear facility, were killed in 2011 in an airplane explosion, as they were heading back to Russia. The North Korean scientists were killed by an explosion at a steel mill which made steel to be used in the uranium enrichment process. The source of this latest one was a magnetic car bomb planted on the car by a motorcyclist.

Is this all coincidence? If you believe it is, then you probably also believe in the likelihood of a tornado whipping through a junkyard and, by chance, creating a Boeing 747.

Many see the stamp of Israel (and possibly the U.S., in support) in these incidents. (After all, there is a working assumption that Israel knows who is involved in Iran's nuclear program and how to find them.) If so, this latest occurrence could be added to faulty materials sold to the Iranians for the centrifuges in the enrichment process and to the high-powered Stuxnet computer virus which affected the operation of the centrifuges.

While Iran is claiming the CIA had a role in the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan last week in Tehran, the State Department is adamantly denying any U.S. role in the killing. Iran is also accusing Britain of playing a part in the assassination, but, of course British authorities are denying any part in it. Furthermore, Israel is rejecting U.S. media claims that it was responsible for Roshan's death.

While these denials make it seem no one was responsible, someone was. Someone, or we should say some government, has been targeting these scientists. No doubt, these incidents have been purposed to provide a delay in Iran achieving nuclear capability. The question is: Is this targeted killing of Iranian nuclear scientists sanctioned by God?

No doubt, Iranian nuclear scientists understand the ramifications of what they do. They know that they are working to produce nuclear weapons that may well be used to eliminate thousands—or millions!—of people, including the possible destruction of an entire nation (Israel). In addition, they accept the significant financial rewards of doing so. Thus, they are every bit as culpable in preparing for an unthinkable crime as German officers were in the murder of 6 million Jews during World War II.

To carry it farther, as Jonathan Tobin wrote, assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists could head off a second Holocaust. After all, Iranian leaders Ali Khamenei (Supreme Leader) and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (president) have threatened the existence of the Jewish nation and have made it no secret they would like to eliminate it.

Furthermore, a nuclear Iran would be a threat to the world. As presented n the Weekly Standard this week, if Iran were to obtain nuclear capability, it would spark a "proliferation cascade across the Middle East." In addition, Iran would also be in a position to transfer nuclear materials to its terrorist allies. It would also seek to dominate the energy-rich Gulf, destabilize moderate Arab regimes, subvert U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, embolden radicals, violently oppose the Middle East peace process, and increase support for terrorism and proxy warfare across the region. Add to that the Mahdi-driven zealous plan of introducing global chaos and bringing the world under Sharia law, and we have a plethora of reasons to stop the Iranian regime from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Still, is it morally, or Biblically correct, to take out those scientists if a nation is trying to protect its people? The answer is yes.

Romans 13 announces that governing authorities are appointed by God to bring justice. The same passage goes on to say that a government "bears the sword" against evil-doers.

The sword indicated a method of capital punishment in the Roman world in which the epistle of Romans was written. This means that God is proclaiming through this passage that governments can put evil-doers to death. It would appear that those making WMDs with the intention of using them to wipe out a people could certainly be classified as evil-doers.

This is not a concept that is unique to the New Testament, of course. In the Old Testament, God commanded Joshua, the leader of Israel, to eliminate the evil-doers of the land of Canaan in order to protect His Jewish people.

Though God has allowed the Jews to undergo much suffering, including the loss of their land, all of that fulfilled what was prophesied in His word, the Bible. Now that He has brought the Jews back into the land (which was also a fulfillment of His word), Scripture predicts God will protect Israel in preparation for a seven-year treaty that will start the clock ticking on the final seven years leading to the return of Christ.

God is always true to His word, but that seven-year era is vitally important to His plan with Israel experiencing spiritual salvation during it; thus, God will definitely honor His promise regarding Israel. This means that God will not allow Iran to annihilate the Jewish nation. He has made it clear that putting individuals to death by a nation for the protection of its people is validated by Him, so we have answered the question asked at the beginning of this article; and we have seen that He is especially willing to employ that method to protect Israel. Now the only question left is how long until God takes down the Iranian regime. That question may be answered later this year.

[John Claeys serves as Executive Director of John Claeys Ministries through writing, speaking, and radio ministries and is the author of Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock—What Does the Bible Say?, a riveting look of the events leading up to the return of Christ. See www.JohnClaeys.com for more information.]

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