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Israel, the End Times Treaty, and How God Is Using a U.S. President

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The President's Bad Promise & the Palestinians' Nose Thumbing

President Obama promised Israeli leadership that if they would meet Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas at the negotiating table, the Palestinians would drop their call for a U.N. resolution declaring a Palestinian state. However, as reported by the Washington Post on Friday, Palestinian leadership declared they will seek the U.N. resolution even if talks do begin.

Adding to that pain, Nabil Sha'th, Fatah Central Committee member, stated in interviews with two Arab newspapers this past week that the Palestinians will NOT recognize Israel as the Jewish state. If backed into a corner and forced to make a treaty of some sort, Palestinian leadership might accept a state next to their state of Palestine as a state of Jewish people; but that definition would also have to include a state of Arabs, as well. Thus, it would be a Jewish AND Arab state. The thinking behind that is that Palestinians, over time, would flood the state with Arabs, effectively making it an Arab state, at which point, they would force Jews out. But Palestinian leadership has no intention of ever accepting Israel as a Jewish state only. (It should be noted that Israelis have never intended to exclude Palestinians in the Jewish state; after all, Arabs own property, businesses, and hold political offices. But, in areas that become an Arab majority, Jews have been forced out.)

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is too smart to fall for that trick. He has repeatedly declared that Palestinians must accept Israel as the Jewish state in order for Israel to confirm a treaty with them. This is one more reason why we should not look for a treaty between Israel and the Palestinians, a result that aligns perfectly with end-times Bible prophecy.

Yet, the president keeps trying. Well, at least he keeps trying the same tactic again and again.

The President's Insane Approach: Rewarding the Palestinians' Bad Behavior

You know the definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The approach to the Israeli – Palestinian "peace" talks is a perfect example of this.

One aspect of the approach that remains the same is giving the Palestinians everything they demand, much like a bad parent giving in to a repeatedly demanding and bad-behaving child. Israel is now being pressured into yet another concession—this time, withdrawing to pre-1967 borders—while, once again, the Palestinians are not being required to make concessions.

Like rewarding a rebellious child, the pressure on Israel is being exerted as a reward to the Palestinians. For refusing to negotiate, even after Israel has made several major concessions in the last two and a half years, President Obama is saying to the Palestinians, "So, you refuse to negotiate, even though I asked nicely? Okay, I will make Israel give you something else so that you will negotiate." When that doesn't work, the president says to the Palestinians, "Okay, I will make Israel give you something else so that you will negotiate." Thus, the more the Palestinians refuse to negotiate, the more the U.S. president makes Israel give to them. Even a two-year old can figure out how to win at this game!

This is another indicator that neither the U.S. nor the Palestinians will be involved in a future treaty with Israel. After all, the president is training the Palestinians—by rewarding them for staying away from the negotiating table. The more the Palestinians stay away from negotiating with Israel, the more they get in return. This appears to be an insane approach toward a Middle East peace treaty. It will not result in a treaty between Israel and the Palestinians. Instead, it will have the very effect God wants it to have; it will eventually, remove both the U.S. and the Palestinians from being involved with Israel on a regional treaty. This will align perfectly with end-times Bible prophecy.

The President's Bullying Tactics: Why They Won't Work This Time

In a fundraiser with American Jewish businessmen in New York, this past week, President Obama defended his call to Israel to give up its defensible borders. As columnist Caroline Glick interpreted, the president stated that his job is to force Israelis to bow to his demands, because he knows what is best for them.

This type of approach has caused Israeli leadership in the past to respond in ways they did not want to choose. However, it will no longer work for with an Israeli prime minister who is currently one of the most popular Israeli leaders ever and who is now more popular with the American Congress than is the president of the United States. This means that the president's bullying tactics with Israel will only serve to keep the Palestinians away from signing a treaty, and they will push the Jewish state toward other treaty co-signers.

The End Times Alignment

Interestingly, this Middle East picture is beginning to align with what we see in the Bible. After all, Bible prophecy presents a noticeably absent United States.

In addition, end-times prophecy shows a seven-year treaty with Israel being co-signed by ten leaders of other nations. (For more explanation—and proof—of this, see Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock—What Does the Bible Say?) Because the Bible shows that these leaders will be kings (compare Daniel 2:32-34, 37-44; 7:7-14, 17-24; Revelation 17:12), they will, necessarily, be leaders of nations (which is what a king is). However, the Palestinians have never constituted a nation; thus, there will be no king of the Palestinians co-signing a treaty with Israel. This means that the Palestinians are also absent from Bible prophecy and will not be co-signers of a treaty with Israel.

We can see another indicator that the Palestinians will not be co-signers of the future treaty with Israel. Since it is the end-times treaty that will appear to satisfy Israel's—and the world's—need for "peace and security" (as per 1 Thessalonians 5:3), Israel will not be signing a treaty for that very purpose with the Palestinians. After all, Israeli leadership has adamantly stated that it will not sign a treaty unless it is assured of both peace and security; and if those needs were met by a treaty with the Palestinians, there would be no need for any other treaty. But since the treaty of "peace and security" is signed with ten leaders of other nations, the Palestinians will not be a part of a treaty with Israel. (After all, the Palestinians have never been a nation.) That indicates that the Palestinians will not be a part of that treaty with Israel.

Thus, it appears that we are witnessing God's preparation of the fulfillment of end-times Bible prophecy by using a U.S. president who is catering to the bad-child behavior of the Palestinian leadership—an approach is removing both the Palestinians and the U.S. from the prophetic picture. This would indicate that we are drawing near to end-times fulfillment.

Thus, we are living in exciting days! So, keep looking up!


[John Claeys serves with John Claeys Ministries through writing, speaking, and radio ministries and is the author of Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock—What Does the Bible Say?, a riveting look of the events leading up to the return of Christ. See www.JohnClaeys.com for more information.]

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